Tender Number: CIAL/COML/ADNN & PUR 116 /2019



Cost of Tender Document

Sale of Tender

Last Date & Time

For Receipt of tender in CIAL

Date and Time of Opening the Tender

Rs 2240/-

06.05.2019 to 21.05.2019

22.05.2019, 15.00 Hrs

22.05.2019,, 15.30 Hrs




1.1        CIAL (also referred as purchaser in this tender document) now invites tenders from reputed agencies for supply & Operation of one number of truck mounted sweeping machine at Cochin International Airport Ltd and for labour only annual maintenance contract for 5 years after the warranty period of 24 months along with sweeping machine operational contract for a period of 7 years as per Technical Specifications issued in this tender document.

1.2        The tenderer shall quote for the equipment cost in the financial bid document attached to this tender which will include the cost of the vehicle & Sweeping machine. The tenderer shall also quote for labor only annual maintenance contract for the equipment for a period of 5 years after the completion of the warranty period of the first 24 months. The bidder should also quote for the Manpower operations contract for a period of 7 years. The quote shall be made as required in the financial bid format of CIAL annexed to this tender document.

 1.3       The bidder has to also quote for operating the truck mounded sweeper by deploying at least one driver during the entire contract period of 7 years. The sweeping machine has to be operated for 8 Hours, 7 days a week by deploying the above manpower.

1.4        For the purpose of deciding the Successful bidder, CIAL will consider the total cost of the truck mounted sweeping machine, labor only annual maintenance contract and  operating contract cost quoted for a period of 7 years.

 1.5        Registration of the truck mounted sweeper in the name of CIAL will be the responsibility of the successful bidder. The bidder should take into consideration the costs involved in temporary and permanent registration while bidding.

 1.6        The Tender document will be issued on payment of Rs 2240/-(non refundable) by Cash/ demand draft favoring Cochin international Airport Ltd, Payable at Ernakulam on any working day between 9.30 hours to 16.00 hours (IST) up to 21st May 2019 from the Commercial department of Cochin International Airport Ltd.

 2.           TENDER PROCESS

 2.1        Tender shall be submitted in two separate sealed covers as given below super scribing the Envelope No:, Category of the machine, and the address of the bidder with contact number. Both envelopes needs to be placed in a single big envelope super scribing the details of the tender.




Envelope No.1

(Technical bid)

  1. Earnest Money Deposit in the form of DD
  2. Warranty to Quality
  3. Unconditional Acceptance Letter duly signed and sealed by the tenderer
  4. Authorization from the original equipment manufacturer(OEM) in case the bidder is a dealer
  5. Technical Specification and details as per the technical requirements in the tender.
  6. Guarantee letter for the availability of spares to the purchaser for a period of 7 years.
  7. Copy of Tender document issued by CIAL signed & sealed in all pages.

8.      Documents to prove Eligibility

9.      Audited balance sheet and P & L for last three financial years.

10.  Name & Contact details of Largest Customer in India (tendered equipment) with supply & contact details.

11.  GST & PAN copy

Envelop No. 2

(Financial bid)

  1. Financial Bid and Rate for labor AMC along with operation contract cost.
  2. Spare parts Price List


2.2        Only the Envelope No: 2 (Financial Bid) of those tenderers who submit all the details mentioned above in Envelop No. 1 and meet all parameters as per CIAL tender conditions will be opened.

2.3        The Tenderer is one who submits technical and financial bid and accepts all terms and conditions of the specifications and contract documents without any modifications.

2.4        This tender is not transferable.

2.5        Equipment Delivery Period:     Within 45(Forty five) days from the date of placing purchase order  as per the following details


Purchaser                       :     Airport Director

                                              Cochin International Airport Ltd.

                                              Kochi Airport P.O, Ernakulam

                                                             Kerala, India

              To be registered             :        Airport Director,

in the name of                         Cochin International Airport Ltd Kochi Airport P.O, Ernakulam

                                                              Kerala, India


2.6        The tender shall be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 2 Lakhs (Rupees two Lakhs only) in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Cochin International Airport Limited, payable at Ernakulam / Nedumbassery.

2.7        EMD of the successful tender will be returned without interest on submission of Contract Performance Guarantee. Earnest money of the un-successful tenderers shall be refunded without interest within a reasonable period from the date of decision regarding the tender.

 2.8        The tender shall remain open for acceptance for a period of One Twenty (120) days from the date of opening of tenders.  If any tenderer withdraws his tender before the said period or makes any modifications in the terms and conditions of the tender which are not acceptable to CIAL, then CIAL shall, without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the full said earnest money deposit.

 2.9        For price comparison, the grant total of the rates quoted including Sweeping machine cost, labor only annual maintenance and operational manpower cost will be considered and will be awarded to the lowest bidder.


Eligibility Criteria


2.10     Tender may be submitted by the Bidder, provided the Bidder has


(a)  Turnover of not less than 25 crore from Housekeeping Equipment/ cleaning Equipment supply business in any one of the last three years.

(b) The Bidder should possess a minimum experience of 05 years of Supply, Operation & Maintenance of Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machines. The Bidder should submit Documentary Evidence to this effect to prove the eligibility. This should be submitted as an Annexure along with the Tender technical Bid Document.

(c)  The equipment Manufacturer / Bidder should have supplied at least 25 Nos of similar Machines during the last 5 years.

(d)  Should have company Service Engineer based out of Kerala.


The criteria set forth above shall be referred to as Eligibility Criteria. Tenderer must provide documentary evidence including certificates of successful commissioning with the technical bid to support the above details.




3.1        The successful bidder shall furnish the performance guarantee for the truck mounted sweeper in the form of a bank guarantee in favour of CIAL before the delivery of truck mounted sweeper at CIAL. The guarantee amount shall be equal to 10% of the gross value (A+B+C) of the contract price and it shall guarantee the faithful performance of the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in this tender document. The bank guarantee shall be valid for a period of Seven year from the date of successful commissioning. CIAL shall release the payment only after receipt of this Bank guarantee.


The successful bidder shall enter into an annual maintenance contract agreement (format will be given by CIAL) with CIAL within fifteen days of delivery of machine at CIAL or within such extended time as may be granted by the purchaser. The annual maintenance contract will be valid for 5 years after the completion of initial two years warranty period.

  Equipment Performance Guarantee (Warranty)

 3.2        The performance guarantee for equipment shall cover the following guarantee to the purchaser:

a)    The successful bidder assures the purchaser that the successful and satisfactory operation of the equipment furnished is as per the specifications and documents.

b)   The successful bidder shall warrant that the equipment will be new and in accordance with the specification mentioned in the tender and be free from all defects in design, material and workmanship for a period of twenty four calendar months (two Year) commencing from the date of commissioning and handing over of the equipment to the purchaser. Proforma for warranty to quality of the equipment is attached with this tender document as Annexure.

 3.3        All manufacturers’ warranties of various units/components of the equipment will be passed on to the purchaser at the time of handing over of equipment.

 3.4        If it becomes necessary for the successful bidder to replace or renew any defective portions of the equipment under the warranty clause, the provisions of the warranty clause shall apply to the portions of the equipment so replaced or renewed until the expiration of the original warranty period or 12 months from the date of such replacement or renewal whichever is later.  If any defects be not remedied within the reasonable time, the Purchaser may proceed to do the work at the tenderer’s risk and costs but without prejudice to any others rights which the purchaser may have against the successful bidder in respect of such defects. 

 3.5        The cost of any special or general overhaul rendered necessary during the warranty period due to defects in the equipment or defective work carried out by the successful bidder shall be borne by the bidder.

 3.6        The acceptance of equipment/ machineries by the purchaser shall in no way relieve the tenderer of his obligation under these clauses.

 3.7        In the case of these defective parts which are not repairable at site but are essential for the operation of the equipment, the tenderer and the purchaser shall mutually agree to a programme of replacement or renewal which will minimize interruption to the maximum extent in the operation of the equipment.  The cost of transportation of such defective parts from site to the work of the tenderer and back shall be borne by the tenderer. The equipment after such repair should be brought back to normal working condition. If this delay is more than a week the successful bidder shall provide a standby unit as the case may be.

 3.8        At the end of the warranty period the tenderers warranty liability would cease only after rectification of all the defects notified till the last date of warranty. This clause shall be subject to other clauses mentioned herein above. 

 3.9        All the periodical and preventive maintenance recommended by the manufacturer(s) shall be carried out by the successful bidder during the warranty period of 2 years.

 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

3.10     The tenderer shall mention the equipment cost in the financial bid document taking into consideration the Annual maintenance Contract  (labor only AMC) for a period of 5 years commencing from the completion of warranty period of 2 years.

3.11     The tenderer shall carryout breakdown repairs as per the information from CIAL and periodical service & maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

3.12     Preventive maintenance of the truck mounted sweeping machine supplied shall be done minimum 6 times in a year.

3.13     The lead time for attending breakdown will be 8 Hrs and rectifying breakdown will be 24 Hrs if there are no spare parts required as part of labor only contract. The lead time for making available the required spare parts upon confirmed order will be 36 hours of receipt of purchase/work order from CIAL. If the delay in rectifying/delivery is more than the mentioned time frame, necessary penalty will be deducted from the AMC payment as desired by CIAL taking into consideration the non-usage of machine.

3.14     The labor only annual maintenance contract will be applicable to the entire equipment other than the vehicle chassis. Tenderer will be responsible for the maintenance of the entire sweeping machine vehicle including all its accessories and ancillaries.

3.15     Necessary spare parts with its current price to be quoted separately for satisfactory operation for the period after warranty. For Spare parts quoted, only reasonable escalation will be permitted year on year. The pricelist submitted will be made part of financial evaluation and will be included as part of the Annual maintenance contract as a benchmark for future requirements. The bidder needs to fill the annexure 4 with the main spare parts and rate.

 3.16     All the spare parts required for the service will be arranged by CIAL after the warranty period for Labor only AMC. The tenderer shall enter into agreement with CIAL for the Annual maintenance Contract (contract format will be given by CIAL) of the equipment supplied at the time of issue of purchase order. The pricelist of all the spares submitted will be made part of this contract as a benchmark for the future requirements.



4.1        The machine should be capable of collection of different types of refuse e.g. stones, sand, leaves, sticks, papers, nails, bottles etc. without stopping the machine for manual collection. All sweeping and dumping operations should be mechanical and all control switches should be provided in the driver's cabin.

4.2        The Road sweeping machine shall be complete in all respects including operator’s cabin, electrical, Instrumentation, auxiliary items etc. All items essential for the desired operation of the machine, whether specifically mentioned in this specification or not, shall be included in the scope of work by the Bidder

4.3        The Sweeping system shall consists of (i) Vehicle Chassis (ii) Debris Hopper (iii) Auxiliary engine(iv) Sweeping equipment (v) Water tank and spraying system (Dust Control) (vi) Hydraulic system (vii) Exhauster fan (viii) Control panel

4.4        Main Technical Specifications



Road and Curb suction sweeper


Minimum sweeping width

3000 mm with 2 side brushes


Surface of sweeping

Bituminous, Concrete and tiled


Sweeping System

The sweeping equipment will be consist of a centrally located main Brush, positioned below and across the width of the hopper to sweep road area covered by the vehicle’s travel path and two side Channel Brushes, one on each side of the equipment, to clean the curbside areas. The Operation, lowering and raising of Central & Side Brushers are controlled from Operators cabin and the brushes shall be adjustable for Pressure and wear as well as inclination. All brushes shall be operated Hydraulically


Sweeping  Speed

The machine should be able to sweep the road/ street etc. at a minimum speed of 6 km/hour and should be capable of sweeping of various materials like leaves, pebbles, stones as well as dust, & dirt etc.



Vehicle Make

Eicher / Bharat Benz/Ashok Leyland/ TATA



Vehicle Chassis

The complete sweeping equipment will be mounted on a minimum 11 Ton GVW Truck, chassis having a maximum wheel base of 3800mm and a minimum output rating of not less than 100 BHP of Euro IV/Bharat Stage IV Engine


Debris Hopper

Not less than 5000 liters (5 Cu.m ) capacity with a payload of at least 5000 Kg.. The body and the hopper shall be fabricated out of heavy duty high corrosion resistant Stainless Steel plate –SS409. Side and top walls of the hopper are to be made of minimum 4mm steel plates coated with anti-corrosive long lasting coating. The rear door is to be opened and closed by a hydraulic cylinder. A three point latching system should be guaranteed for perfect closing of the rear door. The hopper should be capable of dumping refuse up to a height of at least 1.1 meters or more so that the refuse can be dumped onto suitable waste carriers/ dumpers to be carried to the dumping ground


Container discharge

By tipping angle 45 to 55 degrees


Auxiliary Engine

Diesel driven Engine, Direct Injection, 4-stroke, in-line, 4- cylinders, electric start, water cooled, Turbocharged, with capacity of minimum 100 Hp @2200 RPM. It will be suitably rated to meet the combined power demands of all the systems’ components mainly suction fan and the hydraulic pump, and also to ensure that the system does not stall during extreme operating conditions. The engine will be fitted with the standard engine manufacturer’s accessories, safeties and an independent control panel. The blower and engine unit, combined, will be mounted on anti-vibration mountings.


Suction hose

Sufficient enough to collect debris up to a size of 150 mm diameter and of adequate length of hose of 3 Mtrs


Dust Controls

For control of dust, the equipment should have provision for sprinkling of water on the two side brushes along with dust covers on side brush or any other effective dust control mechanism. The water tank should be minimum of 1000 Litres capacity and the same should be made out of stainless steel material. The machine should be able to be used in all whether condition and should have any latest technology to ensure dust free operation inside the hopper capable to sweep in wet condition after rains without clogging. Complete insolubility to water, oil, vegetable, animal fats and chemicals with fire resistant properties (i.e. does not spread flames at any point of operation time).


Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system provides the motive power for the brushes and Tipping Operation. The Hydraulic Motor shall be DOUTY/ EATON or DANFOSS Make. An emergency safety system should be provided to tip the debris tank, without the necessity of starting the auxiliary engine


Suction System

The suction will be of the centrifugal type. The fan casing will be fabricated from mild steel, confirming to IS 2062 standards. The impeller with multi-vane self-cleaning, abrasion resistant blades will be statically and dynamically balanced. The blower will have a minimum air displacement of 15,000 m^3/hr



Cabin mounted master control panel with the main electrical control and status indications by Lamps/Symbols for the auxiliary engine and sweeping functions, these being engine key switch. The details of the control panel are as folllows: • Auxiliary engine cooling water (Lamp/Symbol) • Auxiliary engine oil pressure (Lamp/Symbol) • Alternator (Lamp/Symbol) • Hour meter • Engine speed indicator • Engine speed control • Suction nozzle flap control •Wide sweep control (side brushes) • Central brush / cross broom control • Ground pressure brush control • Disc brush inclination control • Spraying nozzles control • Work lamp • Beacon • Air pressure control • Emergency stop



Corrosion resistant paint of international safety standards should be given on the exterior of the chassis and machine




The vehicle should be equipped with an in built high pressure water jet  of 120 bar with 15 meter hose with hose reel, lance and pressure gun.

 For Further Details & Tender document Contact:

Mr. Joseph Peter, Dy. General Manager (Commercial), Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi Airport PO, Ernakulam, Kerala – 683111.Ph: 9539701512, Phone: 0484 2610115 Ext: 2614, 3598. E-mail: jp@cial.aero, commercial@cial.aero


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