Airport Information

Rates of landing and parking charges at Cochin International Airport with effect from the midnight of 1st April, 2001 as given below.
All Up Weight International Flight Other than International Flight
Upto 100 MT Rs. 228.00 per MT Rs.171 per MT
Above 100 MT Rs. 22800 + Rs 306 per MT in excess of 100 MT Rs 17100 + Rs 229 per MT in excess of 100 MT

For the purpose of calculating the landing charges, International flight would mean a flight originating from or departing to an International destination and would also include any flight where the arriving / departing passengers require the facilities of Customs and Immigration .

 Charges shall be calculated on the basis of nearest MT (ie.1000)

 A surcharge of 25% will be levied on landing charges for supersonic aircraft


 Parking Charges


Total Weight Rates per hours
Upto 100 MT Rs.7.00 per hour MT
Above 100 MT  Rs 700 + Rs 10.00 per MT in  excess of 100 MT
  • When an aircraft is parked in the open, only half the housing charges specified above shall be levied, provided that no parking charges shall be levied for the first two hours
  • While calculating free parking period, a standard time of 15 minutes shall be added on account of time taken between touchdown time and actual parking time on the parking stand. Another standard time of 15 minutes shall be added on account of taxing time of aircraft from parking stand to take off point. These periods shall be applicable for each aircraft irrespective of actual time taken in the movement of aircraft after landing and before take off.
  • For calculating chargeable parking time, part of an hour shall be rounded off to the next hour
  • Charges shall be calculated on the basis of nearest MT
  • Charges for each period of parking shall be rounded off to nearest Rupee
  • At the in-contact stands, after free parking, for the next two hours normal parking charges shall be levied. After this period, the charges shall be double the normal parking charges


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