About CIAL

V J Kurian IAS Managing Director
Chandrakumaran Nair A Airport Director & Executive Director (Operations)
Shabeer A M Executive Director (Engg. Services)
Saji K George Executive Director & Company secretary
Sunil Chacko Chief Financial Officer
Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Dept
Paul Kocheril General Manager (Addl.charge)
Pavithran V.P Senior Manager
Deepoo Senior Manager
Vishnu Vasudevan Assistant Manager
Benn Erali Elbi Junior Manager
Jobin Jacob Junior Manager
Alex C T Sr Superintendent
Jose Varughese Sr Superintendent
Suresh M Sr Superintendent
Tomy K Thomas Sr Superintendent
Muraleedharan B Sr Superintendent
Paulose P I Sr Superintendent
Santhosh Kumar K.V. Superintendent
Sasikumar P Sr Superintendent
Rammohan P R Sr Superintendent
Satish Kumar P R Sr Superintendent
Dileep Kumar S Superintendent
Ranjith Kumar K K Sr.Superintendent
Jithesh C Sr.Superintendent
Jose John Sr.Superintendent
Shaiju P Varghese Superintendent
Eldho A A Sr.Superintendent
Jinesh P Toms Sr.Superintendent
Siju B S Sr.Superintendent
Paily M I Sr.Superintendent
Eldho T V Superintendent
Subimon N B Superintendent
Navas N K Superintendent
Sumesh K Sr Assistant
Pradeep Kumar G Superintendent
Linu Chandy Superintendent
Deepak K P Superintendent
Ijine Mathew Superintendent
Girish E M Superintendent
Biju K Paul Superintendent
Ranjith Kumar T P Superintendent
Jinny Sebastian Superintendent
Baiju K J Superintendent
Shindo M O Superintendent
Motty Kurian Superintendent
Nobi Kunjumon Superintendent
Biju P A Superintendent
Eldhose K V Supervisor
Sunny Varghese Supervisor
Rajesh Areekal Supervisor
Varghese Shiju K J Sr Assistant
George Varghese Parengeth Sr Assistant
Rajesh V Rajan Sr Assistant
Surya Kumar K R Sr Assistant
Manoj S Sr Assistant
Jison Stephen Sr Assistant
Josemon V S Sr Assistant
Anoop Aravindakshan Sr Assistant
Binu P Jacob Sr Assistant
Regi Paul Sr Assistant
Jiju P V Sr Assistant
Basil P Varghese Sr Assistant
Harish R Sr Assistant
Gims Varghese Sr Assistant
Jaijo Xavier Sr Assistant
Sipin C G Sr Assistant
Job M J Sr Assistant
Victor Brahmakulam Sr Assistant
Anoop M B Sr Assistant
Bineesh P P Sr Assistant
Eldhose M A Assistant
John Paul Sr Assistant
Sangeeth M Assistant
Finny George Assistant
Rajanish S Assistant
Sijo Joy Assistant
Mahesh Kumar M Assistant
Martin K I Assistant
Ajumon C Kuruvilla Assistant
Rahul S Jr Assistant Gr III
Libin N K Jr Assistant Gr III
Akhil V Vijayan Jr Assistant Gr III
Navaneethkrishna T S Jr Assistant Gr III
Rejin Valson Jr Assistant Gr III
Nandu P Ajith Jr Assistant Gr III
Jaimon Joseph Jr Assistant Gr III
Sanoop K S Jr Assistant Gr III
Midhun T Jr Assistant Gr III
Arun C Roy Jr Assistant Gr III
Syamkrishnan N K Jr Assistant Gr III
Bharath Jr Assistant Gr III
Pavi Sebastian Jr Assistant Gr III
Anuraj Antoo Jr Assistant Gr III
Ajesh Kumar A Jr Assistant Gr III
Faisal K A Jr Assistant Gr III
Babu Ittoop Driver SG I
Eldho V George Driver Gr II
Jijo George Jr Driver Gr I
Eldo K A Sr Peon Gr II
Tony Paul Attendant Gr I
Cargo Dept
Paul J Kocheril General Manager
Manoj P Joseph Senior Manager
Shaji G.K Senior Manager
Mathachan P J Senior Manager
Bilu Varghese Senior Manager
Sindhu Santhosh Senior Manager
Sajith D Senior Manager
Cecil Augustine Senior Manager
Jose Tom Manager
Rincy Thomas Sr Superintendent SG
Suma Varma E Sr Superintendent
Rajesh J Sr Superintendent
Antony Thomas V Sr Supervisor
Seema Nair Sr Superintendent
Manoj Kumar P G Sr Superintendent
Kavitha George Sr Supervisor
Binu K K Sr Supervisor
Ajaya Kumar T K Sr Supervisor
Amritha Balachandran Supervisor
Vipin Rajan Supervisor
Sree P K Supervisor
Saji P S Supervisor
Suchitra M Supervisor
Nissa K A Supervisor
Subha C Sr Assistant
Jisha Xavier Sr Assistant
Deepak P Nambiar Sr Assistant
Justin Paul Sr Assistant
Suresh P N Sr Assistant
Sumitha S Supervisor
Vinumol G Supervisor
Abin Bharathan Sr Assistant
Eldhose Parackal Sr Assistant
Shiby Baby Supervisor
George Paul A P Sr Assistant
Nifad M M Sr Assistant
Varghese J Pynadath Sr Assistant
Harikrishnan N P Driver SG I
Eldho Alias Driver Gr I
Ashraf K P Driver SG I
Sajeeve V S Sr Peon Gr II
Baby K P Sr Peon Gr II
Manoj V K Peon Gr I
Shiju A R Peon Gr I
Avarachan M V Sr Peon Gr II
Sudhan T K Sr Peon Gr II
Alias T K Sr Peon Gr II
Nyjo Paul Sr Peon Gr II
Baiju K K Attendant Gr I
Biju P P Attendant Gr II
Subhash K K Attendant Gr I
Gireesh Gopinath Attendant Gr I
Sabu Joseph Attendant Gr II
Shijo Kuriachan Attendant Gr I
Rajesh K Attendant Gr II
Rajan K K Attendant Gr I
Shaiju E S Attendant Gr II
Sybin P B Attendant Gr I
Biju K K Attendant Gr I
Nidhin Raj Attendant Gr I
Poulose P D Attendant Gr I
Kunjumon K Y Attendant Gr I
Jojo Thomas Attendant Gr II
Rajeev P R Attendant Gr I
Eldho T V Attendant Gr II
Dollymon Jacob Attendant Gr II
Eldo T I Attendant Gr II
Joby P S Attendant Gr II
Saneesh A P Attendant Gr II
Martin P K Attendant Gr II
Biju K C Attendant Gr II
Varghese T O Attendant Gr I
Shejeer K A Attendant Gr II
James A K Attendant Gr II
Jithin A K Attendant Gr II
Eldho P V Attendant Gr II
Shibu Varghese Attendant Gr II
Job Varghese Attendant Gr II
Manu K P Attendant Gr I
Shaji A Y Attendant Gr II
Joshy Paul Attendant Gr I
Binoj T D Attendant Gr II
Shiju K K Attendant Gr II
Vibels P P Attendant Gr I
Rajeesh P R Attendant Gr I
Shaiju P N Attendant Gr I
Suni A K Attendant Gr I
Baiju Antony Attendant Gr I
Paul Antony Attendant Gr I
Rajesh V C Attendant Gr II
Gopi T G Attendant Gr I
Mani K C Attendant Gr I
Sujesh P K Attendant Gr I
Eldho Paul Attendant Gr I
Binoy K P Attendant Gr II
Manoop K V Attendant Gr II
Saneesh P S Jr Attendant Gr V
Jithin George Jr Attendant Gr V
Eldho Jacob Jr Attendant Gr V
Vishnu Vijayan Jr Attendant Gr V
Paul K C Jr Attendant Gr V
Aneesh M R Jr Attendant Gr V
Aneesh M Jr Attendant Gr V
Eldho Joy Jr Attendant Gr V
Sabore Eldose Jr Attendant Gr V
Alias Mathai Jr Attendant Gr V Trainee
CIAL Golf & Country Club
Sabu Thomas Administrative Officer
Sunny Joseph Mattathil Sr Superintendent
Premkumar T Green Supervisor
Civil Engineering Dept
Gopalakrishna T R General Manager
Bini T I  General Manager
Jessy Paul Dy.General Manager
Rajendran T Dy. General Manager
Usha Devi T P Senior Manager
Mini Jacob Senior Manager
Anilkumar P N Senior Manager
Thomas Mathew Junior Manager
Bibin Babu Junior Manager
Thomas Jose Junior Manager
Indira P K Sr Superintendent
Saji P I Sr Superintendent
Jessy E V Sr Superintendent
Gincy M Paul Sr Superintendent
Sreekala P P Sr Superintendent
Latha K V Sr Superintendent
Nived G Sr Assistant
Rakesh Kumar R Sr Assistant
Lijo T J Sr Assistant
Sabore T V Driver SG I
Abu P M Driver Gr I
Sivadasan T C Driver Gr I
Jayan K V Attendant Gr I
George A P Attendant Gr II
Commercial Dept
Joseph Peter Painunkal Dy General Manager
Bindu P Das Senior Manager
George E Cheriyan Assistant Manager
Shiby Paul Sr Supervisor
Darsana R Supervisor
Rumaija H Sr Assistant
Prakasan K K Sr Peon Gr II
Anil Kumar K
Peon Gr I
Poly Alias Sr Peon Gr II
Sivadasan P K Sr Peon Gr II
Jency P P Sweeper Gr I
Santha K A Sweeper Gr I
Savithri K P Sweeper Gr I
Latha E R Sweeper Gr I
Seena V G Sweeper Gr I
Sarakutty P V Sweeper Gr I
Sheela V R Sweeper Gr I
Duty Free Dept
Jacob T Abraham Dy. General Manager
Paul A Bijoy Manager
Sreejith T K Manager
Pran K Pillai Junior Manager
Deepa Hariharan Sr Superintendent
Jiju M T Sr Superintendent
Rajeev S Sr Superintendent
Ajith Nair N Sr Superintendent
Jackson D Padayattil Superintendent
Lisha Varghese T Superintendent
Unnikrishnan K B Superintendent
Anitha P G Supervisor
Susha T Sr Supervisor
Sajeev Varkey Sr Superintendent
George T Francis Sr Superintendent
Sweetson Joseph A Superintendent
Martin Thomas Superintendent
Bitha Jacob Superintendent
Sudhakar K G Supervisor
Naiby Thomas Supervisor
Girish S Supervisor
Biju Kurian Supervisor
Suresh Babu N Supervisor
Syam K C Supervisor
Francis Cherian Supervisor
Elby Paul Supervisor
Anitha V N Supervisor
Bindhu P K Supervisor
Prasannakumar E S Supervisor
Sheeba John Supervisor
Vinu K P Supervisor
Jino K Paul Supervisor
Ramya Raveendran Supervisor
Jipsy Varghese Supervisor
Simi Kurian Supervisor
Gini P M Supervisor
Anumon K V Sr Assistant
Saritha Isac Sr Assistant
Mary P M Supervisor
Lisha Lakshmanan Supervisor
Liji K G Supervisor
Rajani P M Supervisor
Sindhu Paul A P Supervisor
Renju M G Supervisor
Sreeja Mohan Supervisor
Vinitha P R Supervisor
Jenny A T Sr Assistant
Kavitha M K Supervisor
Femy Francis Supervisor
Manjumol K K Supervisor
Anju T T Supervisor
Selvaraj N Sr Assistant
Renju Chandran Sr Assistant
Vinju E K Sr Assistant
Aathira Mohan Sr Assistant
Bindi K John Sr Assistant
Shaiju K J Sr Peon Gr II
Kiran K Jose Attendant Gr I
Babu K R Attendant Gr I
Sabu A M Attendant Gr I
Reetha M Attendant Gr I
Suseela K P Sweeper Gr I
Radha O K Sweeper Gr I
Electrical Engineering Dept
Tony P J Dy General Manager
Sathesh Kumar Pai Dy. General Manager
Abdul Zalam M K Dy. General Manager
Tomy Devis Asst. General Manager
Rajumon P C Asst.General Manager
Abraham Zacharia Senior Manager
Skaria D Paracka Senior Manager
Anish Babu P D Manager
Deepu A S Assistant Manager
Binoy K Jose Superintendent
Mohandas A V Supervisor
Biju Varghese Sr.Superintendent
Cejo Varghese Sr.Superintendent
Charly Antony Sr.Superintendent
Daiju K T Sr.Superintendent
Francis D Silva Sr.Superintendent
Jinso J Thankachan Sr.Superintendent
Shibu J S Sr.Superintendent
Thomas E F Sr.Superintendent
Bipin Kumar R Sr.Superintendent
Sidhick C A Sr.Superintendent
Bejoy Jose Sr.Superintendent
Manoj C R Sr.Superintendent
Sajeev Kumar K N Sr.Superintendent
Johnson Joseph Sr.Superintendent
Paul Varghese Sr.Superintendent
Jogy P Jacob Sr.Superintendent
Anilkumar V S Sr.Superintendent
Sajeev K D Sr.Superintendent
Sabu Paul K Sr.Superintendent
Sivaprasad T Sr.Superintendent
Binoy Mathew Sr.erintendent
Eldo M A Sr.Superintendent
Santhosh T T Sr.Superintendent
Biju Paran C Sr.Superintendent
Sreekumar M Superintendent
Biju K Mathai Superintendent
Vineeth V Supervisor
Vinod Kumar T K Sr Assistant
Martin Joseph Superintendent
Binu K O Superintendent
Bijoy Mathew Supervisor
Liju A P Superintendent
Babu P K Superintendent
Biju P V Superintendent
Eldho K E Superintendent
Johnson C P Superintendent
Denny Pappachan Superintendent
Sajeev T V Superintendent
Anil K Supervisor
Mathew M Varghese Superintendent
Nishanthlal P V Supervisor
Sreekumar K Jr Assistant
Varghese P K Sr Assistant
Sandeep V K Sr Assistant
Alias P M Sr Assistant
Shijo K V Sr Assistant
Sebi Pappachan Assistant
Jithu Mathew Assistant
Dijo Joseph Assistant
Shamnas P S Jr Assistant Gr III
Bibin M P Jr Assistant Gr III
Akhil K Jr Assistant Gr III
George M V Jr Assistant Gr III
Ansar B Jr Assistant Gr III
Alex Varghese Jr Assistant Gr III
Albin Joseph Jr Assistant Gr III
Mary Avarachan Sweeper Gr I
Finance Dept
Lenny Sebastian General Manager
Saji Daniel Dy General Manager
Santhosh J Poovattil Dy General Manager
Binoj R Senior Manager
Hema Gopalakrishnan Manager
Anju Rose Thomas Manager
Asha Anandan Junior Manager
Aswathy A Sr Superintendent SG
Ramachandran N N Sr Superintendent
Joyesh Stephan Supervisor
Geethamma K V Sweeper Gr I
Human Resources Dept
Jayarajan V Head(HR)
Jyothi N Asst.General Manager
Augustine George Supervisor
Manjaly Elizabeth Jacob Supervisor
Sudheesh T S Sr Assistant
Rashida K K Sweeper Gr I
IT & Communication Dept
Santhosh S Dy.General Manager
Sreejith Prabhakaran Manager
Murali Krishnan P K Manager
Anoop K Assistant Manager
Suresh Kumar T Assistant Manager
Pallavi S. Assistant Manager
Vishnu Vijay Assistant Manager
Krishnakumar N Assistant Manager
George Mathew Assistant Manager
Shivalik Mani Assistant Manager
Radhakrishnan Nair R Superintendent
Hema D Sr Assistant
Bijoy Antony Sr Assistant
Afsal T A Sr Assistant
Dileep P R Assistant
James Jose Sr.Assistant
Kochi International Airport Society
Dominic Fernandez Senior Manager
Rige Johny Supervisor
MD's Office
Krishnakumar K G PS to MD
Biju A I Sr Peon Gr II
Antu K V Driver SG I
Thomas T U Attendant cum Driver Gr II
Operations Dept
Dinesh Kumar C General Manager
Jeevanand K James Senior Manager
Manu G Asst.General Manager
Abraham Joseph Asst.Gemeral Manager
Sojan Koshy Senior Manager
Manoj Kumar G Senior Manager
Sivadasan Haridasan Senior Manager
Girish T Senior Manager
Bibin Jose Manager
Syam Kumar M P Deputy Manager
Anish C R Deputy Manager
Pramod C Nair Deputy Manager
Jibin R Deputy Manager
Khanna Antony Assistant Manager
Jacob Babu Assistant Manager
Jain Joseph Assistant Manager
Minhaj V S Junior Manager
Shaik Aftab V S Junior Manager
Smitha John Sr Superintendent
Suman K Mathew Sr Superintendent SG
Manoj Mathai M Sr Superintendent
Sajan L R Sr Supervisor
Venugopal J Sr.Superintendent
Gangadevi K V Superintendent
Sabu Kumar N B Sr.Superintendent
Rajasree T S Superintendent
Eldose Parackal Supervisor
Lija William Supervisor
Suraj R Sr Assistant
Rejeesh S Sr Assistant
Anju Thomas Sr Assistant
Sreeni P G Sr Assistant
Vysakh T R Jr Assistant Gr III
Hari T K Sr Peon Gr II
Public Relations & Corp. Commn
Jayan P S Manager
Sankar V Senior Manager(Presently deputerd to CIASL)
Silvi P A Sr Superintendent
Dinesh Kumar M R Sr Peon Gr II
Jalaja P K Sweeper Gr I
Security Dept
Sony Oommen Koshy CSO (on deputation from Kerala police)
Sunilkumar S Deputy Manager
Cini Chacko M Assistant Manager
Karuna P Assistant Manager
Ajaya Kumar A P Assistant Manager
Raju S K Assistant Manager
Ajesh Thomas C Assistant Manager
Ajithkumar P S Superintendent
Bibin K Joseph Superintendent
Martin P A Superintendent
Prabhath M G Superintendent
James A J Supervisor
Sumesh Sidhardhan Superintendent
Babitha V Madhu Superintendent
Bipinchandra Sukumaran Supervisor
Muhammed Musthafa P T Superintendent
Deepanand D Superintendent
Rathna Kumar C Superintendent
Nicy K A Superintendent
Leenesh Sudhakar S Superintendent
Shaju K P Superintendent
Biju T G Superintendent
Somi P A Superintendent
Linu M Khan Superintendent
Rethi K A Supervisor
Shiju Varghese Assistant
Raghuraj K N Assistant
Nimmy Baby Supervisor
Subha Thomas Supervisor
Biju A P Sr Assistant
Anusree N S Sr Assistant
Anoop K R Sr Assistant
Krishnakumar K S Assistant
Biju T Baby Sr Assistant
Rakesh K Sr Assistant
Divyamole Alias Sr Assistant
Haridas P S Sr Assistant
Visanth P V Sr Assistant
Syed Mohammed Sahir V Sr Assistant
Noushad H Sr Assistant
Anoop Varghese Sr Assistant
Sreekanth M M Sr Assistant
Soorya M S Sr Assistant
Rejith K Sr Assistant
Reshmi S Nair Sr Assistant
Vipin K M Sr Assistant
Waija William Sr Assistant
Remya Renjit Sr Assistant
Sreeja P R Sr Assistant
Lakshmy Priya N U Sr Assistant
Anoop K S Sr Assistant
Kamal Babu Sr Assistant
Jwala Mohan Sr Assistant
Smruthy M B Sr Assistant
Deepu T S Sr Assistant
Vipin P V Sr Assistant
Febin Joseph Sr Assistant
Anuraj C R Sr Assistant
Honey John Pakrath Jr Assistant Gr II
Sreeparvathi S Jr Assistant Gr II
Jithin T J Jr Assistant Gr II
Anantha Krishnan M Jr Assistant Gr II
Jinto Poulose Jr Assistant Gr II
Nithesh Nandakumar Jr Assistant Gr II
Gowrisankar P R Jr Assistant Gr II
Linto Jose Thomas Jr Assistant Gr II
Parvathy N Jr Assistant Gr II
Harish Babu M V Jr Assistant Gr II
Nikhil Joseph Jr Assistant Gr II
Arun P Joy Jr Assistant Gr II
Sethumadhavan G Jr Assistant Gr II
Jithin Alex Jr Assistant Gr II
Lekshmi S V Jr Assistant Gr II
Jitty Thomas Jr Assistant Gr II
Ajith V S Jr Assistant Gr II
Ajith V Variar Jr Assistant Gr II
Nirmala Thomas Jr Assistant Gr II
Dhaneesh G G Jr Assistant Gr II


  Cochin, Kerala
>  (+91) 484 2610115, 484 3053000, 484 3053300
  +91 484 2610012
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