1.                   Tenders are invited on behalf of the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) for Maintenance of Fairways, Tees, Greens, Bunkers of CIAL Golf Club (Fairways 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18, Bowling Green & Practice Green)  at Cochin International Airport Limited, Nedumbassery.


Eligibility Criteria: Tenderers should have


a.      Executed satisfactorily at least one similar job in single contract valuing more than Rs. 12 lakhs per annum during the last 03 years. (Satisfactory completion certificate from the client should be produced).


b.      Annual Turnover of Rs. 30 lakhs, during any one of the three preceding years.  (Audited balance sheets for the last three years should be submitted along with the application for prequalification).


c.      Valid ESI & Provident Fund registration


Cost of Tender document: Rs. 2260/-


 2.                   Contract for Maintenance of Fairways, Tess, Greens of CIAL Golf Club (Fairways    10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18, Practice Green ,Bowling Green) at Cochin International Airport Limited(CIAL) , Nedumbassery will be for a period of 2 (two) years from the date of handing over of site. An escalation of 5% on the contract amount will be provided in the second year


3.                   The tender shall be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit of Rs 55,000/- (Rupees Fifty Five thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft on any scheduled bank in favour of Cochin International Airport Limited payable at Nedumbassery or Ernakulam. The other modes of payment will not be accepted. The tenders without Earnest Money Deposit shall summarily be rejected.


4.            Scope of Work:

The contractor shall maintain the Fairways, Tees and Greens in a good playable condition as per accepting golfing standards on all days of the year. The contractor shall consider the required manpower for reliever duties also into the cost while quoting the rates.

 The job includes

  1.  De-weeding of greens, Tees, Fairways, Bunkers & apron should be done
  2. De-weeding of apron of green
  3. Al rough should be cut by weed cutter every week. The weed cutter, fuel & other lubricants will be provided by CGC. The trimming of rough of specified area should be completed within a week as per the instruction of GS/AO.
  4. The fertilizer / pesticides / lime powder provided by CGC should be applied on Greens, Tees and Fairways as per the instruction of GS/AO.
  5. The markers provided in the specified area of the golf course should be painted according to the instruction of GS/AO. The marking paints and associated items should be provided by CGC.
  6. In irrigation, the area where automated sprinkler irrigation not reached should be irrigated manually.
  7. The cutting waste / debris should be removed immediately and should be kept at designated dumping area.
  8. The Greens, Tees & Fairways should maintain in a good playable condition as per accepting golfing standards on all days of the year.
  9. The machineries / equipments taken from CGC should be return back as serviceable condition and periodical maintenance should be done by the agency concerned.
  10. Any items/ structures found missing / deficient should be provided by the agency at their own expense.
  11. All bunkers should be raked daily and any foreign materials if found should be removed.

12.  All divots developed in the greens, Tees & Fairways should be filled with red earth / sand immediately.

  1. Workers toilet & adjoining area / surroundings should be kept neat & clean every day. The cleaning material for the toilet will be provided by CGC.
  2. The bunkers grass edge should be cut in every week.
  3.    If the work not carried out / completed on Saturday due to any unforeseen situation, the work to be completed on next day
  4. Tenders to be submitted by 15:00 hours on or before  28th November  2019to The  Managing Director, Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi Airport P.O. - 683 111.

Tenders shall be opened in presence of Tenderers who may be present, at 15:30  hours on  28th November 2019  in the office of Cochin International Airport Limited.


 For more details contact Commercial dept:0484-2610115 ,Extn:2252/2619



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