Tender Number CIAL/COML/LIC 26/2017/B



Of Tender

Last Date & Time

For Receipt of Bid in CIAL Commercial Department

Date and Time of Opening the Financial Bid


23.08.2017, 1500 hrs

23.08.2017, 1530 hrs


Address for Communication at CIAL:

Dy. General Manager (Commercial), Commercial Department, Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi Airport PO, Ernakulam, Kerala – 683111. Phone: 0484 2610115 Ext: 2619/ 3598, E-mail: jp@cial.aero, commercial@cial.aero



1.1       Cochin International Airport limited (CIAL), the first Greenfield airport in India under the public private partnership model is one of the fastest growing airports. CIAL having the 4th largest International passenger traffic in India has annually over 8.9 million passenger movement and a current aircraft movement of over 1000 aircrafts per week (Arrival & Departure). CIAL has been able to provide the best operational equipment, facilities and infrastructure to both airlines and passengers.


1.2       Tenders are invited on behalf of Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) for the licence for management of car park in front of the International Terminal, Domestic Terminal and Domestic Cargo terminal at Cochin International Airport Nedumbassery, Ernakulam District, Kerala for a period from 7th Oct 2017 to 31st March 2019.


1.3       The car park area in front of the terminals is capable of holding 1200 cars at one time. CIAL wishes to entrust the contract for car parking management to a professionally run organisation that will provide efficient and customer friendly service to both passengers and visitors of the airport.


1.4       Management of Car parking at CIAL includes proper maintenance of the car parking area and the staff cabins also. The successful bidder has to deploy at least one manpower per shift to clean the garbage / rubbish created/ left back by the visiting passengers inside the car parking area which starts from the covered canopy area. The garbage collected from these areas has to be deposited in the garbage collection yard available at the airport. The successful bidder has to ensure that the car parking area is kept neat at any given point of time. Any deviation in keeping the area clean, may attract penalty up to Rs 1000/- per instance 


1.5       The reserved minimum monthly licence fee fixed by CIAL is Rs.96, 00,000/- (Rupees Ninety Six lakhs only).Bidder need to quote an amount above or equivalent to this reserved Minimum licence fee to Qualify for the bid.


1.6       Licence will be allotted to the bidder who quotes the maximum licence fee per month to CIAL for the first year.


1.7       The Licence fee paid by the Licensee to CIAL shall be exclusive of Taxes. The payment of Taxes including GST) and TCS in respect of the Licence Fee, for the management of Car parking shall be the obligation of the Licensee and shall be borne by the Licensee at its own risk and costs. It is clarified that the Licensee shall pay the Taxes, to the relevant Governmental departments, which shall be over and above the Licence Fee. Taxes on licence fee at applicable rates have to be remitted along with the licence fee to CIAL for onward remittance to government.


1.8       The successful bidder will deposit with CIAL an interest free security deposit. An amount equal to Rs 50 Lakh in the form of demand draft and another 5 months quoted amount in the form of Bank guarantee from a nationalised / Scheduled Bank acceptable to CIAL in CIAL’s prescribed format. The Interest Free Security deposit (both the Demand Draft & the Bank Guarantee) should be deposited with CIAL within the stipulated time and would remain with CIAL for the whole tenure of the licence and would be refunded without interest, on expiry / sooner termination of the licence as the case may be, and after deducting any amount /dues payable to CIAL.


1.9       The Tenure of the contract is from 7th Oct 2017 to 31st March 2019. The licensee shall pay to CIAL the monthly licence fee quoted by him as applicable for the tenure of the contract, every month in advance on or before (10) tenth day of each English calendar month as under.


1.10     To participate in the tender process the bidder should have Minimum One year experience in any of the last five years (eligibility criteria) in


Management of car parking at any Airports


Any Class “A+/A” Railway stations


Any single Major Shopping Malls with at least 100 parking slots


Highway toll booths


Any other car park management service with an annual contract value of Rs.60 lakhs or more from a single contract.


Bidders satisfying above eligibility criteria only need to be apply for the tender. All other tenders without eligibility will be rejected.


1.11     CIAL has invested in the Cabins, Billing hardware, software, booms etc at all entry and exit points. All consumables required for the operation of the above licence has to be met by the successful bidder. Any damage during the operation of the licence has to rectified/maintained by the successful bidder at their cost. All the equipments handed over to the successful bidder has to given back in proper good working condition. Any damage to the equipment/ machinery supplied will attract deduction from the security deposit.

2.            LICENSE

2.1       The licensee shall collect the specified car parking fees only in the car parking space earmarked or at the entry/exit to the car parking slots or at designated places approved by CIAL. CIAL shall have the sole right to fix the Parking Charges and to change the same. The licensee shall charge the parking fee for vehicles as under, per entry for four hours and part thereof: This amount mentioned below includes service tax amount to be collected from users of car parking.



Sl. No.

Type of Vehicle

Parking Charge



Rs 60.00



Rs 15.00



Rs 70.00



Rs  50.00


24 Hrs Car Parking

Rs 150.00


24 Hrs Bus/ Van parking

Rs 350.00














In addition to collecting charges from the vehicles entering the car park, the licensee will be permitted to issue time slips at the entry points to the terminals and collect charges at exit points keeping 10 Minutes free. If the customer has crossed 10minutes, the successful bidder can charge applicable respective parking charges. This additional facility will be allowed at the sole discretion of CIAL and the free time limits can be changed/altered only at the sole discretion of CIAL. The car parking charge mentioned above is including all applicable taxes.


2.2       The areas earmarked as restricted parking / Domestic terminal dedicated parking/ prepaid taxi parking / VIP parking / Coaches parking/ staff parking shed/airline agencies parking shed do not fall under the preview of this contract.




3.1       The tender document will be issued on payment of Rs 2100/-(non refundable) by Cash/ demand draft favoring Cochin international Airport Ltd, Payable at Ernakulam on any working day between 9.30 hours to 16.00 hours (IST) up to 22nd  August 2017 from the Commercial department of Cochin International Airport Ltd.


3.2       Not more than one tender can be submitted by a bidder.


3.3       The tender will be a two-envelope system


 The tender shall be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes  marked  as `Envelope # 1’ and  ‘Envelope # 2’  as given below (1) super-scribing  the envelopes as `Tender  for the Licence for Management  of  Car park’, (2) address of accepting  authority and (3) address of the  bidder.


a) Envelope # 1 - (1) EMD in the form of demand draft and (2) unconditional acceptance letter. (Format given in this tender – Annexure - 1) (3) Basic Details of the Bidder –Annexure 2). (4) Details of experience in managing car park/tolls to prove the eligibility (5) PAN Card copy (6) No Dues Certificate from the existing clients where the bidder operates (7) GST registration copy.


b)   Envelope # 2 - All  pages of the tender document duly sealed and signed including the bid form. Quote should be made in the Bid Form attached to this tender document.


c)   The cover marked   Envelope # 1 will be opened first.


d) The cover marked Envelope # 2 will be opened only if the bidder has furnished all the required documents in Envelope # 1.


e) The tenders without all the required documents in Envelope # 1, will be summarily rejected.


f)  All the pages of the tender document shall be duly signed by the bidder and the bid for monthly licence fee should be written in both figures and words. If the amount indicated in figures and words differ, then, the amount in words shall only be considered for the purpose of evaluation of the bid.


3.4       The tender shall be accompanied by the earnest money of Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten lakh only) in the form of demand draft on any scheduled bank/Nationalized Bank in favour of Cochin International Airport Limited, payable either at Ernakulam or Nedumbassery. The tenders without Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) shall be summarily rejected. No other form of Earnest Money other than demand draft shall be accepted.


3.5       The bidder has to quote an amount above or equivalent to Rs 96 Lakh. Under quoting an amount less than the minimum bid amount will result in forfeiting of EMD.


4          AWARD PROCESS


4.1       CIAL will issue a Provisional allotment letter to the Selected Bidder pursuant to the conclusion of the tender Process as contemplated in this Document. The provisional allotment letter accepting the tender shall create a binding contract between the Selected Bidder and CIAL, provided that the Conditions of Award and the provisional allotment letter are fulfilled to the satisfaction of CIAL. The provisional allotment shall be communicated in writing at the registered address supplied by the Selected Bidder in the Technical bid. Any change of address of a Bidder should, therefore, be promptly notified in writing to CIAL.


(a)    The Licensee shall inform CIAL the acceptance of the terms and conditions of award, within 10 days from the date of letter of Provisional Allotment.


(b)   The following formalities are to be completed within 30 days from the date of Letter of Provisional Allotment.


(c)    The Licensee shall deposit with CIAL an interest free security deposit amount within 15 days from the date of Provisional Allotment of the licence. The EMD deposited could be adjusted with the security deposit.


(d)   The licencee shall execute the licence agreement with CIAL. This agreement should be executed before commencement of the operations.


(e)    The mobilization time given to the Licensee is 30 days from the date of the provisional letter of allotment. The Licensee shall commence operation from 7th October 2017 and the licence fee shall be payable from this date.  


(f)    The licencee should take over the Management of Car park and the monthly Licence fee would become payable from the date of commencement of licence as per the letter of allotment or any other date as communicated by CIAL in writing.


(g)   CIAL reserves its right to extend the timeline referred above at its sole discretion.


4.2       Once the tender is accepted by CIAL and the Letter of Provisional Allotment is issued to the bidder and in the event of failure to acknowledge receipt of the Provisional Allotment of the Licence or failure to remit the entire Interest Free Security Deposit (Demand Draft and the Bank Guarantee) within the stipulated time, the Earnest Money Deposit would be forfeited in full. The provisional allotment so granted shall automatically stand cancelled.


For Further details and tender document contact: Dy. General Manager (Commercial), Commercial Department, Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi Airport PO, Ernakulam, Kerala – 683111. Phone: 0484 2610115 Ext: 2619/ 3598, E-mail: jp@cial.aero, commercial@cial.aero


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