Tender for supplying and planting of Vegetation Cover at CIAL



1.                 Tenders are invited on behalf of the Cochin International Airport Ltd. (CIAL) for “supplying and planting of  Appropriate plants as advised (estimated Rs. 15 Lakhs- GST extra )


2.                 The tender shall be in the prescribed Form.

3.                 The Supplying and Planting of the plants are required to be completed within 45 days. The maintence of the covering crops shall be continued for next 12 months and after that one month will be then defect liability period. This period shall be reckoned from the fifteenth day after the date on which the Engineer-In-Charge issues written orders to commence the work.

Prequalification Criteria

4.                 Agencies who have   executed satisfactorily at least one similar job in single contract valuing more than Rs 20 Lakhs in Navy / Coast Guard/Power Grid /AAI / Private Airports/ 4 or 5 star  Hotels  during anyone of the last Five years- (satisfactory completion certificate from the client should be produced for work done and whose annual contract receipt to the tune of Rs 100 Lakhs against work executed during any one of the 05 preceding years (Audited financial statement showing turn over, profit & loss account of the firm for the preceding 05 years should be submitted along with the quotation . Not more than one tender shall be submitted by a contractor or by a firm of contractors. The agency has to submit the PF and ESI registration documents along with the tender.

5.                 Agencies who have   executed satisfactorily at least one similar job in single contract valuing more than Rs 20 Lakhs  in   other  Government Departments will also be considered in the absence of  enough number of qualified persons as stated in para- 4. ( all other conditions remain same) 

6.                 No two or more concerns in which an individual is interested as Proprietor and/or Partner shall tender for the execution of the same works. If they do so all such tenders shall be liable to be rejected.

7.                 The Accepting Authority as mentioned at   General conditions of contract shall be the Accepting Officer hereinafter referred to as such for the purpose of this contract.

8.                 Applications for issue of tender documents shall be submitted to the Accepting Authority so as to reach this office not later than 27.06.2022.

9.                 Tender documents will be sold on payment of Rs.2000 (Rupees Two Thousand only) inclusive of applicable tax   by way of cash or Demand Draft payable at Ernakulum drawn in favour of Cochin International Airport Limited / (e-fund transfer is also permitted). Period of sale - from 20.06.2022 to 27.06.2022 during working hours from office of operations (4th Floor, Administrative Block, between Terminal1 & Terminal 2).

10.             A pre-bid meeting which includes a site visit has been arranged on 27.06.2022. Pre-bid meeting at 1000-1200 hours at the office of operations and the site visit 1400-1600 hours. Maximum two representatives shall be permitted. The cost of the airport visit shall be borne by the bidder.   

11.             Tenderers are advised to inspect and examine the site and its surroundings and satisfy themselves before submitting their tenders as to the nature of the ground and sub-soil (as far as is practicable), the form and nature of the site, the means of access to the site, the accommodation they may require and in general shall themselves obtain all necessary information as to risks, contingencies and other circumstances which may influence or effect their tender. A tenderer shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the site, whether he inspects it or not and no extra charges consequent on any misunderstanding or otherwise shall be allowed.

12.             The work shall be carried out in the   operational area of the airport and that   area is a restricted place and need access pass to the airside. Before bidding, it is advised to acquaint yourself with the pass and access   formalities, and the overhead expenses and the time restrictions for carrying out the work.   

13.             Submission of a tender by a tenderer implies that he has read this notice and all other contract documents and has made himself aware of the scope and specifications of the work to be done and of conditions and local conditions and other factors bearing on the execution of the works. Please submit  the filed up tender –at the  office of operations( 4th Floor, Administrative Block, Near Terminal 1&2)

14.             A tenderer should quote in figures as well as in words rate(s) tendered. The amount for each item should be worked out and the requisite totals given. Special care shall be taken to write in figures as well as in words and the amounts in figures only in such a way that interpolation is not possible. The total amount shall be written both in figures and in words. In case of figures, the words, ‘Rs’ should be written before the figure of rupees and the words ‘paise’ after the decimal figure e.g. Rs.2.15 p and in case of words, the word ‘Rupees’ should precede and the word ‘paise’ should be written at the end. Unless the rate is in whole rupees and followed by the word ‘only’ it should invariably be up to two places of decimal.

15.             All rates shall be quoted on the tender form.

16.             In the case of item rate tenders, only rates quoted shall be considered.

17.             The tender for the Works shall not be witnessed by a contractor or contractors who himself/themselves has/have tendered or who may has/have tendered for the same works. Failure to observe this condition shall render the tender of the contractor tendering as well as of those witnessing the tender liable to rejection.


18.            Tenders shall be received by the Accepting Authority upto 15.00 hrs on 04.07.2022 and shall be opened on the same day at 15.30 hrs in the presence of tenderers who may be present.


19.            The tender shall be accompanied by Earnest Money of Rupees 1 lakh only in the form of Demand Draft on any Nationalised / Scheduled  bank  in favour of Cochin International Airport Limited, payable at Emakulam.

20.             Tender shall be submitted in two separate sealed covers as given below super scribing the name of work, address of Accepting Authority and the address of the tenderers.

            Cover 1. EMD in the form of Demand Draft and Unconditional Acceptance

Letter, certificates in proof of prequalification criteria.

Cover 2. All Tender papers duly quoted and signed.

The cover 1 of tender which has to contain the EMD in form of DD, duly signed and sealed unconditional acceptance letter in the proper format and pre-qualification documents, will be opened first.  Only after the verification of the same and after the satisfaction of the committee regarding the compliance of the submission of the required documents in Cover 1 , the financial bid (cover 2) will be opened.  

21.            Notification of Award of contract will be made in writing to the successful Bidder by the Accepting Authority. The contract will normally be awarded to the qualified and responsive Bidder who has satisfied the prequalification criteria and who has offered the lowest bid in conformity with the requirements of the specifications and contract documents and the Accepting Authority shall be the sole judge in this regard. The Accepting Authority does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender or to give any reason for his decision.

22.            A responsive bidder is one who submits priced tender and accepts all terms and conditions of the specifications and contract documents without any modifications.

23.            A modification is one which affects in any way, the quality, quantity and period of completion of the work or which limits in any way the responsibilities or liabilities of the Bidder or any right of CIAL as required in the specifications and contract documents. Any modification in the terms and conditions of the tender which are not acceptable to CIAL shall also be treated as a major modification.

24.            A tenderer shall submit a responsive bid, failing which his tender will be liable to be rejected.

25.            The Accepting Authority reserves to himself the right of accepting the whole or any part of the tender and tenderer shall be bound to perform the same at his quoted rate. On acceptance of tender Earnest Money will be treated as part of the Performance Security Deposit. Shall be released after satisfactory completion of defect liability period without any interest.

26.               The successful tender, hereafter referred to as Contractor, shall deposit an amount equal to 10 % of the accepted value of work (without limit) as performance Guarantee (Performance Security) in one of the following forms.

·                     Cash /DD /An irrevocable BG bond of any schedule bank or any nationalized bank in the prescribed form

·                     The time limit allowed for submission of the performance guarantee by the contractor shall be 15 days from the letter of acceptance. Work order shall be issued to the contractor only after he submits the performance guarantee in an acceptable form. Performance guarantee shall be released after satisfactory completion of work without any interest.

27.              Cochin International Airport Ltd. will return the earnest money without any interest to the unsuccessful tenderers. In case, if the contract is not able to be commenced for any reasons caused by the delay form CIAL (delay in handing over of the prepared site etc.), the EMD will only be returned and no other expenses incurred by the tenderer will be met by Cochin International Airport. Limited (CIAL). 

28.              Canvassing in connection with tenders is strictly prohibited and the tenders submitted by the tenderers who resort to canvassing will be liable to rejection.

29.              The tenderer shall not be permitted for works in CIAL in which his near relative is or working in any capacity. He shall also intimate the names of persons who are working with him in any capacity or are subsequently employed by him and who are near relatives to any staff in CIAL or its sister concerns. Any breach of this condition by the contractor would render him liable to be removed from the approved list of contractors of this company and also from further tendering in this company.

30.              On acceptance of the tender, the name of the accredited representative(s) of the contractor who would be responsible for taking instructions from the Engineer-In-Charge shall be communicated to the Engineer-In-Charge.

31.              A tenderer shall submit the tender whom satisfies each and every condition laid down in this notice, failing which, the tender will be liable to be rejected.

32.              The final quoted price should include all the applicable taxes whatsoever applicable in India or the statutory levies applicable to this contract. Your quote shall not include GST. GST will be paid extra. GST will be paid to the contractor against submission of proper GST Invoice to CIAL at the appropriate time. CIAL will not entertain any claim whatsoever beyond the final quoted price other than GST which is payable extra to the contractor. Under the GST Law the contractor should also comply regarding filing of all the returns to the GST network/government departments within the stipulated time every month or such other period as required by the Government. If the contractor does not comply with any of the GST laws and procedures and if CIAL incurs any liability on this account or does not get the input credit from the GST Network/Government as goods and/or service receiver due to the contractor’s failure to comply with the procedures of filing/uploading of data/submissions of documents etc in time then all such liability including the input credit of the GST lost by CIAL and the penalties and interest incurred by CIAL would be the liability of the contractor to be recovered from the running account bills or security deposits or any other amount payable by CIAL to the contractor.

33.              Further the contractor to provide all GST registration related data/information to CIAL at the time of tender submission for updating the CIAL application software.

34.              This notice of tender shall form part of the contract document.


For and on behalf of

Cochin International Airport Ltd.

Date:  17.06.2022


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