Existing facilities


1.Centre for Dry Cargo (CDC)

The centre has an area of 50,000 sq ft,  with dedicated space for handling and storage of Import and Export Cargo. It includes:

Export Facilities

  • Separate warehouse area allocated for storage facilities, inspection areas and two work stations for unitization with four delivery lines.
  • Strong room facilities for valuable and vulnerable cargo.
  • Dedicated storage area for the Dangerous Goods.
  • Hi-tech security system including Explosive Trace Detector (ETD).
  • CCTV with 24X7 recording facility installed at strategic areas monitored by the security personnel.

Import  Facilities

  • The separate area allocated for warehouse and storage, inspection and area for de-stuffing, including a separate area for transshipment cargo storage.
  • Dedicated unaccompanied baggage handling and clearance area.
  • Delivery of urgent and direct delivery cargo on 24X7 basis
  • Strong room facilities   for valuable and vulnerable cargo
  • Dedicated storage area for the Dangerous Goods
  • CCTV with recording facility installed at all strategic areas which are 24X7 monitored by the security personnel.
  • Separate walk-in coolers for the import perishable cargo

 2.Centre for Perishable Cargo

 A state of Art Centre for perishable cargo with an area of 22,000 sq. Ft. for export-import of perishable cargo with all modern facilities in line with international standards.The entire facility is maintained at an ambient temperature of +18c and relative humidity. Cool rooms with three chambers of different temperatures range ,each 15MT capacity are provided

  • 100 to 00C (1st Chamber)
  • 100 to 00C (2nd Chamber)
  •  00  to( -100C) (3rd Chamber)

The temperature controlled area inside the centre is earmarked for storage facilities, inspection areas and area of unitization.

3.Transshipment Cargo Facilities

A dedicated warehouse is allocated for the transshipment cargo. The Import as well as export cargo from the Customs warehouses in the   catchments areas as well as airports like Chennai and Bangalore, Coimbatore etc are handled and stored at this centre for export from CIAL.

The import cargo from various airports like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and other centres are transferred through RFS to our transshipment centre and customs cleared at Cochin Airport.

The Customs bonded truck operators are doing the RFS for the various carriers for the to and fro transits of cargo through Cochin Airport.

4.Domestic Cargo
We have a separate centre with an area of 10,000Sq. Ft for the handling and storage of the Domestic cargo. CIAL is the sole service provider at this centre, with concerned airlines looking after the customer services. We have separate strong room facilities for the valuable and vulnerable cargo, including a separate area for handling the dangerous goods, the security functions are performed by us which includes the access control to the centre.


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