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CIAL distributed new Taxi permits to Land/House Evictees












CIAL, a model in rehabilitation package, recognized even by the world back for its similar projects, is nearing completion of another milestone in rehabilitation efforts.  Of the 822 house evictees, CIAL has been able to offer to 768 house evictees some livelihood benefit associated with the airport project viz., job in CIAL, pre paid taxi permits, cargo external loader, jobs in Air India, Related agencies, housekeeping etc.  Of the remaining persons 25 have not come forward for any benefit even after their names were published in the notice board. Others are waiting for a job opportunity as befitting their qualification or cargo external loader job.  The list came to 768 with 80 taxi permits being distributed on 13th Sept. 2013. by Shri.K. Babu Minister for Excise, Ports & Airport, Govt. of Kerala, who is also the Director of CIAL. With these permits the UDF Govt. under Shri.Oomman Chandy, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala and Chairman CIAL, has distributed 132 pre paid taxi permits (52 from old / existing list and 80 presently). 

As a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), CIAL has been providing Professional Training Programme in ARFF (PTP-ARFF)  to 33 House / land evictees to prepare them for career in ARFF. Training costing nearly 1.5 lks per trainee is fully sponsored  by CIAL SCR. This evidences the commitment shown by CIAL in contributing to the welfare and betterment of the Land / house Evictees who have made sacrifice for the airport project. Further such programmes will also be in the plan of CIAL in the future days to come.

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