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Kochi airport Runway re-carpeting: Daytime operations rescheduled till 28th March

As the mandatory runway re-carpeting work of Kochi airport has started, all services are resheduled between 6PM and 10 AM, till 28th March.

 As per the prescribed practices all airports should re-carpet their runways once in around 10 years. Kochi airport had started commercial operations in 1999 and its runway underwent first re-carpeting in 2009. This is the second re-carpeting work fixed for the 3400M long and 60 M wide runway and will cost Rs 151 Cr. The work includes re-tarring, maintenance and overhauling of entire stretch of the runway, taxiway etc. The daily re-tarred portion has to be prepared for aircraft operation by the time the runway is handed back for operation.  During the course of re-carpeting of the runway, the AGL (Airfield Ground Lighting ) system will be upgraded to CAT III from Existing CAT I. This will considerably improve the operational efficiency and Aerodrome safety especially during low visibility and adverse weather conditions. As a part of CAT III lighting system the spacing of existing runway centreline lights will be reduced from existing 30 mtrs to 15 Mtrs and  runway will be provided touch down zone lighting  and approach side row lighting.





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