1.1     Tenders are invited on behalf of Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) from Eligible agencies for award of contract to supply 2000 numbers of good quality durable plastic tubs to be used in In-line XBIS system. The tender forms are available with Commercial Department, 1st Floor, Domestic Terminal Building, Cochin International Airport Limited, on payment of Rs. 1180/- either in the form of Demand Draft in favour Cochin International Airport Limited, payable at Ernakulam/ Nedumbassery or through account transfer up to 21st  January 2023, 1600 Hrs.


1.2     Tenders are to be submitted by 1500 HRS on 23/01/2023, addressed to Managing Director, CIAL and should be submitted to the office of the General Manager (Commercial), Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi Airport P.O, Ernakulam – 683111.


1.3     The technical bids shall be opened in the presence of bidders who may be present at 1530 HRS on 23/01/2023 in the office of Cochin International Airport Limited.


2.1    The tender process involves two stages, a Technical Bid and Financial bid. The bidder has to submit both technical and financial bid together in one sealed master envelope. Technical bids will be opened first. In the technical bid, the bidder shall submit the proof of eligibility & technical specifications of the baggage tubs as laid out in this tender document. Financial Bids of only technically qualified agencies will be opened.



3.1     To be eligible to participate in this tender, the bidder should meet the following criteria: -


a)    The firm should be in the business of Manufacturing of Plastic Products which must include the specified material of the required plastic tubs/ containers for a minimum period of last 5 years (Documents to be attached in Envelope A).

b)    The bidder should be Original Equipment Manufacturer.

c)    The Bidder should have received and supplied Plastic tubs to the tune of Rs.25 Lakhs or more to a single Customer  in any one of the last three years and should have at least 25 crores turnover in any of the last three years  (Documents to be attached in Envelope A).


3.2     Foreign manufacturers can participate through their authorized representative in India and the bid should be in INR.




4.1     The details of baggage tub required is as follows,


1.    Plastic Baggage Tubs            -        2000 No’s


4.2     The technical specification of the required Plastic Baggage Tubs is as follows,


Dimension of the required plastic baggage Tub is as follows,


Material                                   :         LLDPE                  

Minimum Weight per tub           :         3.5 Kg

          Length- outer to outer               :         770 mm

          Width – Outer to Outer              :         500 mm

          Height – Outer to Outer             :         195 & 115 mm

Length- Internal                        :         700 mm

          Width – Internal                        :         440 mm

          Height – Internal                       :         180 & 100 mm

Static/Dynamic load capacity    :         50 Kg


The Tub should be with high quality finish. There should be no sharp edges.  All edges to be rounded.


4.3     Drawing of the proposed Tray is attached in the tender with all dimensions and all side view and isometric view. All dimensions are mentioned in MM and general tolerance level will be ±8mm.


4.4     Baggage tubs shall be designed specifically for the
systems in which they will be used in terms of shape and


4.5     Baggage tubs shall be suitable for screening through X-
ray scanner without introducing any shape anomalies and without creating any false alarm in the CT - XBIS machines.


4.6     Printed with CIAL logo & name in (2 sides) of tub, and printed numbering Sl. No: 1 to 2000 on each plastic tub


4.7     The time period for completing the supply of plastic Baggage Tubs shall be 90 days from the date of purchase order from CIAL or any other extended date communicated by CIAL in writing.


4.8       CIAL will not release the payment, if the tubs supplied doesn’t match the required specification on Inspection/ Testing and CIAL will not be responsible for any damage/compensation arising due to delivery of baggage tubs which is not as per CIAL specification & requirement.


4.9       Before commencement of mass production of 2000 numbers of plastic Tubs, 2 samples as per the tender specification has to be supplied to CIAL and only after confirmation from CIAL, the successful bidder has to go ahead with balance production.  In case the offered sample tub generates false alarm while testing in CT based X-Ray screening, the tub shall be rejected.


4.10    CIAL will be testing the tubs from each lot at the time of delivery & CIAL reserves the right to reject the delivered tubs if it is not meeting the requirements specification and testing parameters.

For Further Details and Tender Document Contact: Mr. Joseph Peter, General Manager (Commercial) @ 9539701512 / 0484 2610115 (Extn: 3507/2619) or 9961401104

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