CIAL invites applications from reputed agencies fulfilling the following eligibility Criteria for pre-qualification to participate in the “Tender for appointment of a Regulated Agent for International Cargo Operations at Cochin International Airport”.

The Last date for receiving applications for pre-qualification is 3rd February 2023 by 1600 HRS.

Following are the Eligibility Criteria for participation in the tender.

(a)   The agency having experience as a Cargo Regulated Agent approved by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security having operated in any Airport for a period of not less than one year in the previous 5 years.


(b)   The agency should have air cargo operational experience of handling at least 25000 MT in International Cargo operations in any one of the last 5 years.


(c)    The agency should have a valid BCAS security clearance


(d)    The Agency should have a minimum annual Turnover of Rupees Ten Crores from Aviation related operations in any one of the last Five years.


(e)     Experience of group companies will be accepted for the purpose of pre-qualification subject to the Bidding Company holding at least 26% in the group company/SPV or the group company/SPV holding at least 26% in the Bidding Company



Eligibility Documents to be submitted

1.       Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

2.       Profile of the Applicant Agency. Specific & detailed mention should be made on the Air Cargo Operations being carried out by the Applicant. 

3.       Copy of Statutory documents like CIN; PAN, GST, PF, ESI registrations.

4.       Full address of the of Applicant agency (Registered office & operating office). Details of the Competent Officer with name, designation & communication details.

5.       Copy of Security clearance from BCAS

6.       Copy of approval from BCAS as Regulated Agent.

7.       Satisfactory client certificate for one-year experience in Air cargo operations during the last 5 years

8.       Client certificate for handling at least 25000 MT in International Air cargo operations in any one year during the last 5 years

9.       Detailed Audited Balance Sheet and P&L Account for the last 5 years to prove 10 crores turnover from air cargo operations. If details of turnover from air cargo operations is not separately available in the financial documents, the bidder shall submit a certificate from a Chartered Accountant in this regard.

10.    Auditors certificate to certify minimum 26% stake held by the bidder in the group company/SPV in the event experience is by the group company/SPV 


The entire eligibility documents being submitted should be bound into a book format (hard bound / spiral) and should be page numbered and sealed on all pages. Applicant Agencies shall ensure that all documents (in complete form) required by CIAL shall be submitted for pre-qualification.


All documents in proof of the eligibility as required above may be submitted in a sealed envelope, super scribed as “TENDER FOR APPOINTMENT OF A REGULATED AGENT FOR INTERNATIONAL CARGO OPERATIONS AT COCHIN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” and addressed to “The Managing Director, Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi Airport P.O., Cochin – 683 111”. It shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant agency to ensure that the pre-qualification documents reach CIAL within the prescribed time.


Only the Agencies who are pre-qualified, would be issued the tender document, which can be purchased from the Commercial Department of CIAL on payment of the tender cost of Rs.5,900/- payable by DD favouring “Cochin International Airport Limited”.

For any further details, please Contact Mr. Joseph Peter Painunkal, General Manager (Commercial). Mob:  09539701512, Phone: 0484 2610115.  Extn: 2619, 3598 or E- Mail: jp@cial.aero or Mr. Manoj P Joseph, AGM (Cargo) 9539701520 or Email to mpj@cial.aero