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The CIAL Security Wing is equipped for delivering aviation security screening of registered baggage through BCAS certified X-BIS Screeners. They are fully responsible and accountable for the practices, procedures and operations necessary to protect the traveling public. As per BCAS directions the authority for management and accountability for all aspects of Registered Baggage Security operations vested with CIAL Security Wing .The personnel of the department is well-placed to efficiently deliver the level of screening effectiveness for ensuring registered baggage security that all passengers expect. CIAL Security Wing will remain to focus on proactive strategies for preventing un-lawful interference to Civil aviation operations.
In-line X-BIS (Hold Baggage Screening System) at International Terminal

The In-line X-BIS (Hold Baggage Screening System) installed at International Terminal of CIAL will be operated by the certified screeners of Security Wing of CIAL. The HI-SCAN 10080 ED t S X-ray unit features automated X-Ray Inspection at substantially higher detection rate and minimized error alarm rate at the same time. The system has designed for the automatic 100% check of hold baggage according to BCAS regulations in order to detect explosives. The system integrated conveying systems up to the Baggage Make-up area of Inter national Terminal. The belt speed is 50 cm/s, allowing 1200-1500 pieces of luggage per hour to be automatically screened at an average bag length of 100 cm (maximum 130 cm). A gap of 20 cm between subsequent bags must be provided by the Baggage handling system (BHS). The system has 3 levels.


         In addition to that CIAL security wing provide the Aircraft Security Functions to Gulf Air, Air Arabia and Etihad Airways.
The Central Industrial Security Force, a paramilitary organization is in charge of airport security under the regulatory frame work of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (Ministry of Civil aviation Security ). CISF formed an Airport Security Group to protect Indian airports. Every airport has now been given an APSU (Airport Security Unit), a trained unit to counter unlawful interference with civil aviation. Apart from the CISF every airline has an aviation security force which is a separate department.
Terrorist threats and narcotics are the main threats in Indian airports.
CIAL SECURITY WING CONTROL ROOM : 0484 - 2610115  Ext : 2685
AVIATION SECURITY GROUP (CISF) CONTROL ROOM    : 0484 - 2610115  Ext : 2200
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