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Modernization and up-gradation of immigration Services are identified and included as one of the MMPs (Mission Mode Project ) to be undertaken by the Ministry of Home Affairs under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of GOI. The MMP is titled ‘Immigration Visa and Foreigners Registration & Tracking (IVFRT)'. The core objective of this project is to develop and implement a secure and integrated service delivery framework that facilitates legitimate travelers while strengthening security. IVFRT intends to bring together the offices of MHA, MEA, Bureau of Immigration, FRROs, FROs, and NIC.

Focus of the IVFRT Project


  • Security, Facilitation, Enablement, and Integration of various Immigration-related activities.
  • Authentication of traveler's Identity at all encounter points.
  • Online Registration of Foreigners and automated service delivery system.
  • Centralized sharing of information.
  • Automated Passenger Profiling and Alerts.

 The Envisaged Outcome of IVFRT project
  • Authentication of traveler’s identity at the mission, immigration check posts (ICPs), and Foreigner Registration Office (FROs) through the use of intelligent document scanners and biometrics.
  • Online registration of foreigners at the time of grant of visa and automated updation of the particulars of the foreigners at the entry and exit points.
  • Availability of a centralized system for sharing information across the concerned agencies about foreign travelers.
  • Improved tracking of foreigners by integrating and sharing information captured during visa issuance at Missions, during immigration check at ICPs, and during the registration at FRRO / FROs.
  • Software-aided passenger profile for identifying risky travelers at Missions, ICPs, and FRROs, and generation of automated alerts about overstaying and failure to register with concerned FRRO / FRO.
  • Convergence and Integration with other initiatives such as e-passports, e-migration, and CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System) for expeditious and informed decision making.


Major modules of IVFRT project are as follows…….
c-visa (online visa application)
for Indian Missions who are issuing the Indian Visa to the foreign applicants
Prior Reference Check (PRC)
to enable the background check of the Visa Applicants for User Agencies like MHA, Security Agencies, State and District level officer etc..
Immigration Control System (ICS)
for Immigration Check Posts (ICPS) like Airports and Seaports
C-FRO (CentraliSed forEigner Registration Office)
for FRRO/FRO Offices to give services related to Registration / Visa etc.
registration of foreigners for stay in Hotels / Dharmasala / Guest house / Home stay etc.
monitoring the Foreigner Student Studying in Institutions.
Unique Case File (UCF)
the idea is that every foreigner, who enters India must leave a record of his entry and his exit and there will be a unique case file (UCF) created for every single foreigner who enters India on a visa.

Being a citizen-centric project, it envisages facilitation services to the travelers including online application forms, 24X7 on-line channel, telephone support for grievance redress, e-mail / SMS support for dissemination of information like - application status, gathering feedback for improved customer relation and satisfaction of each traveler. The project seeks to achieve service delivery within the specified time frame for each category of travelers

Following major activities have been completed under the IVFRT project


  • Project Management Group has been constituted with representatives from MHA, BOI, NIC, and MEA to monitor project-related activities.
  • The Visa application form has been standardized. An integrated online visa application system for Visa applications has been implemented in various Indian Missions abroad.
  • VPN connectivity has been established for security agencies, MHA, and IVFRT complaint Indian Missions. To enable clearance of PRC cases by State Governments, VPN access is being provided to the designated officials of State Governments/UTs. 
  • More secure Visa stickers have been introduced in IVFRT compliant Indian Missions. The new visa stickers have additional security features like ‘Barcode’ at the time of manufacture, and ‘Photo’ at the time of Personalization. Unlike earlier visa stickers, it is very difficult to be personalized by unauthorized persons.
  • The Central IVFRT office has been operationalized in New Delhi. Visa Support Centre has been established in New Delhi to assist Missions in resolving day-to-day operational issues. The center is operational round the clock. Support centre has been operationalized in the Bureau of Immigration for providing operational, managerial, and technical (including software-related matters) support to all ICPs / FRROs / FROs.
  • The module to enable sharing of centrally maintained BL and LOC with the Missions and ICPs using VPN connectivity has been developed and implemented the same.
  • The standard FRRO application form has been finalized. The centralized – FRO (c - FRO) module has been under implementation at various FROs and FRROs all over the country.
  • Installation of computer hardware and ICS software has been completed in all ICPs and connected with the Central, Foreigner’s Bureau (CFB).
  • Regular training/orientation programs are being organized for imparting training in the domain knowledge, technical aspects of the IVFRT, and for improving the soft skills of the officers and staff.
  • Centralized Advance Passenger Information has been introduced for pre-arrival checking of the travelers for improved facilitation and enhanced security.


Principal Systems Analyst & Kerala State Coordinator IVFRT PROJECT
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior Systems Analyst
Systems Analyst


Email : ivfrtcoc.ker@nic.in Tel : 0484-2610115 Extn : 2320


  Cochin, Kerala
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