About CIAL

S Suhas IAS Managing Director
Chandrakumaran Nair A Airport Director & Executive Director (Operations)
Shabeer A M Executive Director (Engg. Services)
Saji K George Executive Director & Company secretary
Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Dept
Paul Kocheril General Manager (Addl.charge)
Pavithran V.P Senior Manager
Deepoo Senior Manager
Cecil Augustine Senior Manager
Vishnu Vasudevan Assistant Manager
Benn Erali Elbi Junior Manager
Jobin Jacob Junior Manager
Jose Varughese Sr Superintendent  sg
Suresh M Sr Superintendent 
Tomy K Thomas Sr Superintendent sg
Muraleedharan B Sr Superintendent
Paulose P I Sr Superintendent
Santhosh Kumar K.V. Superintendent
Sasikumar P Sr Superintendent sg
Rammohan P R Sr Superintendent sg
Satish Kumar P R Sr Superintendent  sg
Dileep Kumar S Superintendent
Ranjith Kumar K K Sr.Superintendent
Jithesh C Sr.Superintendent
Jose John Sr.Superintendent
Shaiju P Varghese Superintendent
Eldho A A Sr.Superintendent
Jinesh P Toms Sr.Superintendent
Siju B S Sr.Superintendent
Paily M I Sr.Superintendent
Eldho T V Superintendent
Subimon N B Superintendent
Sumesh K Sr Assistant
Pradeep Kumar G Superintendent
Linu Chandy Superintendent
Deepak K P Superintendent
Ijine Mathew Superintendent
Girish E M Superintendent
Biju K Paul Superintendent
Ranjith Kumar T P Superintendent
Jinny Sebastian Superintendent
Baiju K J Superintendent
Shindo M O Superintendent
Motty Kurian Superintendent
Nobi Kunjumon Superintendent
Biju P A Superintendent
Eldhose K V Supervisor
Sunny Varghese Supervisor
Rajesh Areekal Supervisor
Varghese Shiju K J Sr Assistant
George Varghese Parengeth Sr Assistant
Rajesh V Rajan Sr Assistant
Surya Kumar K R Sr Assistant
Manoj S Sr Assistant
Jison Stephen Sr Assistant
Josemon V S Sr Assistant
Anoop Aravindakshan Sr Assistant
Binu P Jacob Sr Assistant
Regi Paul Sr Assistant
Jiju P V Sr Assistant
Basil P Varghese Sr Assistant
Harish R Sr Assistant
Gims Varghese Sr Assistant
Jaijo Xavier Sr Assistant
Sipin C G Sr Assistant
Job M J Sr Assistant
Victor Brahmakulam Sr Assistant
Anoop M B Sr Assistant
Bineesh P P Sr Assistant
Eldhose M A Assistant
John Paul Sr Assistant
Sangeeth M Assistant
Finny George Assistant
Rajanish S Assistant
Sijo Joy Assistant
Mahesh Kumar M Assistant
Martin K I Assistant
Ajumon C Kuruvilla Assistant
Rahul S Jr Assistant Gr III
Libin N K Jr Assistant Gr III
Akhil V Vijayan Jr Assistant Gr III
Navaneethkrishna T S Jr Assistant Gr III
Rejin Valson Jr Assistant Gr III
Nandu P Ajith Jr Assistant Gr III
Saheen Ashraf Jr Assistant Gr III
Jaimon Joseph Jr Assistant Gr III
Sanoop K S Jr Assistant Gr III
Midhun T Jr Assistant Gr III
Arun C Roy Jr Assistant Gr III
Syamkrishnan N K Jr Assistant Gr III
Bharath Jr Assistant Gr III
Paul Sebastian Jr Assistant Gr III
Anuraj Antoo Jr Assistant Gr III
Ajesh Kumar A Jr Assistant Gr III
Faisal K A Jr Assistant Gr III
Vysakh T R Jr Assistant Gr III
Babu Ittoop Driver SG I
Eldho V George Driver Gr II
Jijo George Jr Driver Gr I
Eldo K A Sr Peon Gr II
Tony Paul Attendant Gr I
Cargo Dept
Paul J Kocheril General Manager
Manoj P Joseph Senior Manager
Mathachan P J Senior Manager
Bilu Varghese Senior Manager
Sindhu Santhosh Senior Manager
Sajith D Senior Manager
Jose Tom Manager
Rincy Thomas Sr Superintendent SG
Suma Varma E Sr Superintendent
Rajesh J Sr Superintendent
Antony Thomas V Sr Supervisor
Seema Nair Sr Superintendent
Manoj Kumar P G Sr Superintendent
Kavitha George Sr Supervisor
Binu K K Sr Supervisor
Ajaya Kumar T K Sr Supervisor
Amritha Balachandran Superintendent
Vipin Rajan Supervisor
Sree P K Supervisor
Saji P S Supervisor
Suchitra M Supervisor
Nissa K A Supervisor
Lisha Varghese T Supervisor
Anitha PG Supervisor
Subha C Sr Assistant
Jisha Xavier Sr Assistant
Deepak P Nambiar Sr Assistant
Justin Paul Sr Assistant
Suresh P N Sr Assistant
Sumitha S Supervisor
Vinumol G Supervisor
Abin Bharathan Sr Assistant
Eldhose Parackal Sr Assistant
Shiby Baby Supervisor
George Paul A P Sr Assistant
Nifad M M Sr Assistant
Varghese J Pynadath Sr Assistant
Bindu PK Sr Assistant
Eldho Alias Driver Gr I
Ashraf K P Driver SG I
Sajeeve V S Sr Peon Gr II
Baby K P Sr Peon Gr II
Manoj V K Peon Gr I
Shiju A R Peon Gr I
Avarachan M V Sr Peon Gr II
Sudhan T K Sr Peon Gr II
Alias T K Sr Peon Gr II
Nyjo Paul Sr Peon Gr II
Baiju K K Attendant Gr I
Biju P P Attendant Gr II
Subhash K K Attendant Gr I
Gireesh Gopinath Attendant Gr I
Sabu Joseph Attendant Gr II
Shijo Kuriachan Attendant Gr I
Rajesh K Attendant Gr II
Rajan K K Attendant Gr I
Shaiju E S Attendant Gr II
Sybin P B Attendant Gr I
Biju K K Attendant Gr I
Nidhin Raj Attendant Gr I
Poulose P D Attendant Gr I
Kunjumon K Y Attendant Gr I
Jojo Thomas Attendant Gr II
Rajeev P R Attendant Gr I
Eldho T V Attendant Gr II
Dollymon Jacob Attendant Gr II
Eldo T I Attendant Gr II
Joby P S Attendant Gr II
Saneesh A P Attendant Gr II
Martin P K Attendant Gr II
Biju K C Attendant Gr II
Varghese T O Attendant Gr I
Shejeer K A Attendant Gr II
James A K Attendant Gr II
Jithin A K Attendant Gr II
Eldho P V Attendant Gr II
Shibu Varghese Attendant Gr II
Job Varghese Attendant Gr II
Manu K P Attendant Gr I
Shaji A Y Attendant Gr II
Joshy Paul Attendant Gr I
Binoj T D Attendant Gr II
Shiju K K Attendant Gr II
Vibels P P Attendant Gr I
Rajeesh P R Attendant Gr I
Shaiju P N Attendant Gr I
Suni A K Attendant Gr I
Baiju Antony Attendant Gr I
Paul Antony Attendant Gr I
Rajesh V C Attendant Gr II
Gopi T G Attendant Gr I
Mani K C Attendant Gr I
Sujesh P K Attendant Gr I
Eldho Paul Attendant Gr I
Binoy K P Attendant Gr II
Manoop K V Attendant Gr II
Saneesh P S Jr Attendant Gr V
Jithin George Jr Attendant Gr V
Eldho Jacob Jr Attendant Gr V
Vishnu Vijayan Jr Attendant Gr V
Paul K C Jr Attendant Gr V
Aneesh M R Jr Attendant Gr V
Aneesh M Jr Attendant Gr V
Eldho Joy Jr Attendant Gr V
Sabore Eldose Jr Attendant Gr V
Alias Mathai Jr Attendant Gr V Trainee
CIAL Golf Club
Sunny Joseph Mattathil Sr Superintendent
Civil Engineering Dept
Bini T I  General Manager
Rajendran T Dy. General Manager
Usha Devi T P Dy.General Manager
Mini Jacob Asst. General Manager
Thomas Mathew Junior Manager
Bibin Babu Junior Manager
Thomas Jose Junior Manager
Treesa Varghese M Junior Manager
Pooja TS Junior Manager
Saji P I Sr Superintendent
Jessy E V Sr Superintendent
Gincy M Paul Sr Superintendent
Sreekala P P Sr Superintendent
Latha K V Sr Superintendent
Nived G Sr Assistant
Rakesh Kumar R Sr Assistant
Lijo T J Sr Assistant
Abu P M Driver Gr I
Sivadasan T C Driver Gr I
Jayan K V Attendant Gr I
George A P Attendant Gr II
Commercial Dept
Joseph Peter Painunkal General Manager
Bindu P Das Asst.General Manager
Shiby Paul Sr Supdt
Sajan L R Sr Supdt.
Darsana R Supervisor
Anil Kumar K
Sr Peon Gr II
Poly Alias Sr Peon Gr II
Jency P P Sweeper Gr I
Santha K A Sweeper Gr I
Savithri K P Sweeper Gr I
Latha E R Sweeper Gr I
Sarakutty P V Sweeper Gr I
Sheela V R Sweeper Gr I
CIAL Dutyfree and Retail services Ltd (Subsidiary)
Jacob T Abraham Dy. General Manager
Santhosh J Povattil Dy.General Manager & Chief Financial Officer
Paul A Bijoy Sr. Manager
Sreejith T K Sr. Manager
George Cherian Asst.Manager
Gayathri Ravindran Nair Junior Manager
Feba Chinnu Abraham Junior Manager
Manju Boban Junior Manager
Deepa Hariharan Sr Superintendent
Ramachandran N N Sr Superintendent
Jiju M T Sr Superintendent
Rajeev S Sr Superintendent
Ajith Nair N Sr Superintendent
Suma Varma E Sr Superintendent
Jackson D Padayattil Superintendent
Unnikrishnan K B Superintendent
Susha T Sr Supervisor
Sajeev Varkey Sr Superintendent
George T Francis Sr Superintendent
Sweetson Joseph A Superintendent
Martin Thomas Superintendent
Sudhakar K G Supervisor
Naiby Thomas Supervisor
Girish S Supervisor
Biju Kurian Supervisor
Suresh Babu N Supervisor
Syam K C Supervisor
Francis Cherian Supervisor
Elby Paul Supervisor
Prasannakumar E S Supervisor
Sheeba John Supervisor
Vinu K P Supervisor
Jino K Paul Supervisor
Ramya Raveendran Supervisor
Jipsy Varghese Supervisor
Simi Kurian Supervisor
Gini P M Supervisor
Anumon K V Sr Assistant
Saritha Isac Sr Assistant
Mary P M Supervisor
Lisha Lakshmanan Supervisor
Liji K G Supervisor
Rajani P M Supervisor
Sindhu Paul A P Supervisor
Renju M G Supervisor
Sreeja Mohan Supervisor
Vinitha P R Supervisor
Jenny A T Sr Assistant
Kavitha M K Supervisor
Femy Francis Supervisor
Manjumol K K Supervisor
Anju T T Supervisor
Selvaraj N Sr Assistant
Renju Chandran Sr Assistant
Vinju E K Sr Assistant
Aathira Mohan Sr Assistant
Bindi K John Sr Assistant
Shaiju K J Sr Peon Gr II
Kiran K Jose Attendant Gr I
Babu K R Attendant Gr I
Sabu A M Attendant Gr I
Reetha M Attendant Gr I
Suseela K P Sweeper Gr I
Radha O K Sweeper Gr I
Electrical Engineering Dept
Sathesh Kumar Pai Dy. General Manager
Abdul Zalam M K Dy. General Manager
Tomy Devis Dy. General Manager
Rajumon P C Dy.General Manager
Abraham Zacharia Senior Manager
Skaria D Paracka Senior Manager
Shaji GK Senior Manager
Anish Babu P D Senior Manager
Philip Jithin Paul Junior Manager
Gautham H Junior Manager
Arul V Junior Manager
Kurien B Junior Manager
Mahadevan N Junior Manager
Binoy K Jose Superintendent
Mohandas A V Supervisor
Biju Varghese Sr.Superintendent
Cejo Varghese Sr.Superintendent
Charly Antony Sr.Superintendent
Daiju K T Sr.Superintendent
Francis D Silva Sr.Superintendent
Jinso J Thankachan Sr.Superintendent
Shibu J S Sr.Superintendent
Thomas E F Sr.Superintendent
Bipin Kumar R Sr.Superintendent
Sidhick C A Sr.Superintendent
Bejoy Jose Sr.Superintendent
Manoj C R Sr.Superintendent
Sajeev Kumar K N Sr.Superintendent
Johnson Joseph Sr.Superintendent
Paul Varghese Sr.Superintendent
Jogy P Jacob Sr.Superintendent
Anilkumar V S Sr.Superintendent
Sajeev K D Sr.Superintendent
Sabu Paul K Sr.Superintendent
Sivaprasad T Sr.Superintendent
Binoy Mathew Sr.erintendent
Eldo M A Sr.Superintendent
Santhosh T T Sr.Superintendent
Biju Paran C Sr.Superintendent
Sreekumar M Superintendent
Biju K Mathai Superintendent
Vineeth V Supervisor
Vinod Kumar T K Sr Assistant
Martin Joseph Superintendent
Binu K O Superintendent
Bijoy Mathew Supervisor
Liju A P Superintendent
Babu P K Superintendent
Biju P V Superintendent
Eldho K E Superintendent
Johnson C P Superintendent
Denny Pappachan Superintendent
Sajeev T V Superintendent
Anil K Supervisor
Mathew M Varghese Superintendent
Nishanthlal P V Supervisor
Sreekumar K Jr Assistant
Varghese P K Sr Assistant
Sandeep V K Sr Assistant
Alias P M Sr Assistant
Shijo K V Sr Assistant
Sebi Pappachan Assistant
Jithu Mathew Assistant
Dijo Joseph Assistant
Shamnas P S Jr Assistant Gr III
Bibin M P Jr Assistant Gr III
Akhil K Jr Assistant Gr III
George M V Jr Assistant Gr III
Ansar B Jr Assistant Gr III
Alex Varghese Jr Assistant Gr III
Albin Joseph Jr Assistant Gr III
Finance Dept
Saji Daniel  General Manager & Chief Financial Officer
Binoj R Asst.General Manager
Hema Gopalakrishnan Senior Manager
Anju Rose Thomas Senior Manager
Asha Anandan Dy. Manager
Pran K Pillai Jr.Manager
DVSS Sounik Jr.Manager
Akshay K S Jr.Manager
Rumaija H  Supervisor
Bitha Jacob Supdt
Geethamma K V Sweeper Gr I
Manoj VK  Sr Peon Gr II
Human Resources Dept
Jayarajan V Head(HR)
Jyothi N Deputy General Manager
Augustine George Supervisor
Manjaly Elizabeth Jacob Supervisor
Sudheesh T S Supervisor
Rashida K K Attendent Gr III
IT & Communication Dept
Santhosh S Dy.General Manager
Sreejith Prabhakaran Senior Manager
Murali Krishnan P K Manager
Anoop K Assistant Manager
Suresh Kumar T Assistant Manager
Pallavi S. Assistant Manager
Vishnu Vijay Assistant Manager
Krishnakumar N Assistant Manager
George Mathew Assistant Manager
Shivalik Mani Assistant Manager
Radhakrishnan Nair R Superintendent
Hema D Supervisor
Bijoy Antony Sr Assistant
Afsal T A Sr Assistant
Dileep P R Assistant
James Jose Sr.Assistant
Kochi International Airport Society
Dominic Fernandez Asst.General Manager
Rige Johny Supervisor
MD's Office
Krishnakumar K G PS to MD
Biju A I Sr Peon Gr II
Antu K V Driver SG I
Thomas T U Attendant cum Driver Gr II
Shaiju PN Attendant GR !
Gem Jacob George Junior Manager
Thomas Mathew Junior Manager
Minhaj V.S. Junior Manager
Operations Dept
Dinesh Kumar C General Manager
Manu G Asst.General Manager
Abraham Joseph Asst.Gemeral Manager
Sojan Koshy Senior Manager
Manoj Kumar G Senior Manager
Jeevanand K James  Senior Manager
Anil Kumar PN Senior Manager
Kamalesh Patel Senior Manager
Girish T Senior Manager
Bibin Jose Manager
Syam Kumar M P  Manager
Anish C R Manager
Pramod C Nair  Manager
Jibin R  Manager
Khanna Antony Assistant Manager
Jacob Babu Assistant Manager

Jain Joseph

Assistant Manager

Deepu A S

Assistant Manager

Shaik Aftab V S Junior Manager
Paulson Abraham Junior Manager
Smitha John Sr Superintendent
Suman K Mathew Sr Superintendent SG
Manoj Mathai M Sr Superintendent
 Aswathy A Sr Superintendent SG
Venugopal J Sr.Superintendent
Gangadevi K V Superintendent
Sabu Kumar N B Sr.Superintendent
Rajasree T S Superintendent
Navas NK  Supervisor
Eldose Parackal Superintendent
Lija William Supervisor
 Joyesh Stephen  Supervisor
Suraj R Sr Assistant
Rejeesh S Sr Assistant
Anju Thomas Sr Assistant
Sreeni P G Sr Assistant
Hari T K Sr Peon Gr II
Public Relations & Corp. Commn
Jayan P S Senior Manager & Public Relations Officer
Silvi P A Sr Superintendent
Security Dept
Sivadasan Haridasan Chief Security Officer
Sunilkumar S Deputy Manager
Cini Chacko M Assistant Manager
Karuna P Assistant Manager
Ajaya Kumar A P Assistant Manager
Raju S K Assistant Manager
Ajesh Thomas C Assistant Manager
Ajithkumar P S Superintendent
Bibin K Joseph Superintendent
Martin P A Superintendent
Prabhath M G Superintendent
James A J Supervisor
Sumesh Sidhardhan Superintendent
Babitha V Madhu Superintendent
Bipinchandra Sukumaran Supervisor
Muhammed Musthafa P T Superintendent
Deepanand D Superintendent
Rathna Kumar C Superintendent
Nicy K A Superintendent
Leenesh Sudhakar S Superintendent
Shaju K P Superintendent
Biju T G Superintendent
Somi P A Superintendent
Linu M Khan Superintendent
Rethi K A Supervisor
Shiju Varghese Assistant
Raghuraj K N Assistant
Nimmy Baby Supervisor
Subha Thomas Supervisor
Biju A P Sr Assistant
Anusree N S Sr Assistant
Anoop K R Sr Assistant
Krishnakumar K S Assistant
Biju T Baby Sr Assistant
Rakesh K Sr Assistant
Divyamole Alias Sr Assistant
Haridas P S Sr Assistant
Visanth P V Sr Assistant
Syed Mohammed Sahir V Sr Assistant
Noushad H Sr Assistant
Anoop Varghese Sr Assistant
Sreekanth M M Sr Assistant
Soorya M S Sr Assistant
Rejith K Sr Assistant
Reshmi S Nair Sr Assistant
Vipin K M Sr Assistant
Waija William Sr Assistant
Remya Renjit Sr Assistant
Sreeja P R Sr Assistant
Lakshmy Priya N U Sr Assistant
Anoop K S Sr Assistant
Kamal Babu Sr Assistant
Jwala Mohan Sr Assistant
Smruthy M B Sr Assistant
Deepu T S Sr Assistant
Vipin P V Sr Assistant
Febin Joseph Sr Assistant
Anuraj C R Sr Assistant
Honey John Pakrath Jr Assistant Gr II
Sreeparvathi S Jr Assistant Gr II
Jithin T J Jr Assistant Gr II
Anantha Krishnan M Jr Assistant Gr II
Jinto Poulose Jr Assistant Gr II
Nithesh Nandakumar Jr Assistant Gr II
Gowrisankar P R Jr Assistant Gr II
Linto Jose Thomas Jr Assistant Gr II
Parvathy N Jr Assistant Gr II
Harish Babu M V Jr Assistant Gr II
Nikhil Joseph Jr Assistant Gr II
Arun P Joy Jr Assistant Gr II
Sethumadhavan G Jr Assistant Gr II
Jithin Alex Jr Assistant Gr II
Lekshmi S V Jr Assistant Gr II
Jitty Thomas Jr Assistant Gr II
Ajith V S Jr Assistant Gr II
Ajith V Variar Jr Assistant Gr II
Nirmala Thomas Jr Assistant Gr II
Dhaneesh G G Jr Assistant Gr II
 CIASL (Subsidiary)
Lenny Sebastian General Manager & CFO
Sankar V Asst.General Manager


  Cochin, Kerala
>  (+91) 484 2610115, 484 3053000, 484 3053300
  +91 484 2610012
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