Airport Information

Approach Lighting System

    • Runway 27: Precision Approach CAT I lighting system (up to 900M) as per ICAO standards
    • Runway 09: Simple Approach CAT I lighting system (upto420M) standards


    • Runway 09: PAPI, Glide angle 3 degrees
    • Runway 27: PAPI, Glide angle 3 degrees


 Runway Lighting

    • Runway 27: Edge and Threshold lights
    • Runway 09: Edge and Threshold lights

 Runway Lighting System

    • Runway lighting-CAT-1: High intensity runway lighting with a standby circuit
    • Approach lighting-CAT-1: Approach Lighting System at 27 and simple approach lighting at 09
    • PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indication) at 27 and 09
    • Taxiway Lighting-medium intensity: Taxiway lighting system with spare circuit
    • Modern beacon system and illuminated wind cone

Apron Flood Lights

    • Apron Flood Lights consist of six 30M high masts placed between the terminal and the apron to give uniform illumination on the apron.


 Emergency Power Supply

    • Emergency power supply by Diesel Generators is available for Runway, Taxiway, Approach Lights, PAPI and Apron Flood Lights
    • Switch over time less than 15 seconds, satisfying ICAO requirement


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