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Hydrant Fuel Filling System
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has been awarded the exclusive rights to construct and operate the hydrant refuelling system at the Cochin International Airport. BPCL has provided full fledged state-of-the-art aircraft refuelling facilities at this airport.



    • Fuelorage of 4800 kl to cover 4 to 5 weeks to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply at all times and ample provision for future expansion
    • 1400 m long pipeline from fuel depot to the last aircraft parking bay
    • Each aircraft parking bay will have two numbers of hydrant pit box, pit valve and emergency isolation valve of international standards confirming to API/IP standards
    • Internally epoxy lined hydrant pipeline to ensure high quality
    • Filtration system as per API standards and floating suction in tanks for delivering high quality, clean, dry fuel
    • Well designed sampling arrangement and infrastructure at the tank farm and along the pipeline to ensure stringent quality checks
    • Diesel Generator sets to provide uninterrupted fuel refuelling operations
    • Test rig to simulate refuelling conditions for testing of mobile refuelling equipment
    • State-of-the-art Hydrant Dispensers of 45001pm capacity to cater to high speed refuelling of any type of aircraft. These are fitted with most modern imported 0.8 micron filter monitor to ensure on spec. delivery of fuel to aircraft
    • 9 KL / 27 KL / 45 KL capacity refuellers to supplement the hydrant operations in the event of unforeseen emergencies and to meet refuelling demands
    • A front office near the terminal building with refuelling equipment readily available to provide prompt and efficient service to airline customers
    • The fuel is subjected to stringent quality control checks at all stages i.e. Receipt, Storage & Delivery to Aircraft as per DGCA approval manual

Automation and Safety

    • Latest PLC based Automatic Pressure Transmitter provided across the Filters with digital display and auto control system which ensures clean dry fuel to aircraft
    • Battery of Hydrant Shutdown System on Apron along the pipeline
    • Interlocking of hydrant pump operations with pressure differential across the filters to ensure fail safe system
    • Full fledged fire protection facilities as per the latest OISD Safety Standards. It consists of 2700 KL of fire water storage tanks, three numbers high capacity fire hydrant pumps, fire hydrant pipe lines and tank sprinkler system capable to meet the fire fighting requirements of four hours in case of emergency
    • Tank farm automation: Latest type of servo level gauges giving real time data on product inventory such as level, quantity, specific gravity and temperature of fuel.
    • Alarm systems on tanks to prevent overflow of pumps and dry running of pumps
    • Hydrant pipeline internally epoxy coated & externally PE coated and also cathodically protected from corrosion.



  Cochin, Kerala
  (+91) 484 2610115, 484 3053000, 484 3053300
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